pains and aches post chemo


I finished chemo on the 10/09 and had mastectomy and LN excision on the 24/10. On the whole i feel fine except for intermittent shooting/maybe burning pains to legs. My knees and shins have this pain (more uncomfortable than painful to be honest) on/off - i normally notice it when i sit down in the evening. Getting out and about during the day makes no difference. Of course i am paranoid as hell that i have secondries - spoke to BC nurse who seems to think it is due to chemo still making its way around my body. ( I had FEC and Taxotere - i had limb weakness and limb pain similar to this with tax - but was all of the time - don’t remember it being worse in the evening).

Has anyone else experienced similar. Now i have started Zoladex and bone pain is an expected side effect but the pains had started before my first implant.

All comments appreciated.


Hi Maria,I had FEC and Tax and like you experienced a lot of aches and pains once chemo finished.From talking to others on the site I found it wasnt uncommon.It took its time to go with me - gradually dissappearing after 12+ mths.

Josie x

hi maria

i finished chemo in July and still get the aches and pains you described after FEC and Tax. My kids call me the penguin as I waddle past them! has anyone noticed it’s worse when colder? Pain not restricted to legs but in hands now too. Small price to pay for being out of the woods though…

Thanks a million for comments - that puts my mind at rest. Had CT chest/abdo/pelvis yesterday and get results next Wed - so fingers crossed - if news good at least i will be able to plough on with rads and get back to normal life in new year (well as normal as its going to be from here on :slight_smile: )



Best of luck Maria - and here’s to the future! xx

thanks again - and the very best of luck to you too xx