I’m a couple of weeks away from my 34th birthday I have been suffering with a pain in my right breast which is difficult to explain where, it’s not quite in the centre near my breast bone just between there and my breast if that makes sense? I have been suffering on and off pains for about 3 months which are like stabbing pains and I put it down to maybe a pulled muscle, but over the last couple of weeks I have now started to get pain in my armpit too and my right arm and hand swells. I have been to see my GP this morning expecting to be sent away with anti inflammatory medication but he’s made me an emergency appointment at the breast clinic after he examined me. I’m now worried that there is something more worrying, has anyone else had anything similar?

hi emma,
It’s absolutely right that you have been referred to the breast clinic. That is the best place to get to the bottom of it. Mostly, it all turns out to be fine.
ann x

Thanks Ann, I was at GP Thursday he managed to get me an appointment for Tuesday but my mum is on holiday, she doesn’t know yet but I’d like her to come with me, so I’m going on Friday now. It’s a very stressful wait already, I probably should’ve took the earlier appointment but you always want your mum at times like this don’t you?
I really appreciate the message of support, thank you xx