Palbociclib and fulvestrant

I have been on a research trial for four months which gave the trial drug alongside fulvestrant and am now being told I cannot have palbociclib on the NHS because it is only licensed for use alongside Fulvestrant which I’ve already had. The private cost is £4,500 per month! Has anyone else had the same problem or similar?

Hi LibbyKelsey,

Only just read your post and was interested that you have been on a clinical trial. In the news now there’s an article about another trial drug, Ribociclib, which I’m on and that has now been approved by NICE for routine use on the NHS.

It’s approved along with fulvestrant. So just wondered if your cancer onc would consider Ribociclib with fulvestrant for you.

Obviously I’ve no idea of your situation or diagnosis, but thought this may be worth a look.…/we-welcome-nice-approval….

I wish you well and hope you can get this sorted. Although it’s been 5 months since you posted, so you’re probably ok now, but you may find it interesting. 

Best wishes