Palbociclib may be available as a first line treatment

I’ve just read that Palbociclib may be available to some secondary breast cancer patients in the News and Blog section on this website. Well worth a read, especially if you are on a first line hormonal treatment. NICE haven’t completely shut the door on it which is great news!!

Hello still here
I read this too and its brilliant news but its only a first line treatment so most of us here won’t qualify if we have already had a hormone treatment …I think that’s the way I read it.
But its good news and a way forward …

Hi Carolyn, the way I read it, if you are on a first hormonal after a secondary diagnosis such as Letrozole or Faslodex then you could ask for it to be added? There is maybe a time limit as to how long you have already been on a hormonal but it must be worth a shot. I don’t understand why it has to be a first line secondary treatment though as it does have some side effects…puzzling x

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Just adding the link for anyone who comes across this thread and would like to read the blog:


The blog also links to our press statement about this. 


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Thank you Emma for posting this as its made it crystal clear now who will be able to have it.
I do hope more ladies reading here …will be able to get access to it .
Carolyn xxx

It looks like some people already on letrozole are being allowed to go on to Pablociclib.  I have been told that I can’t have pablociclib as I have already been on letrozole for 2 years.  Has anyone been allowed on Pablociclib who has already been on letrozole and if so, where are you from? and how long had you been on Letrozole for?  Has anyone been on a trial where you were already on Letrozole and then Pablo was added?  If so, where?