Palliative chemo

Hi stressed and everyone else,thank you for your comments about fatigue. I am in 1800mg twice a day of Cape (3 500mg and 2 150 mg).some people don’t understand what fatigue is I have to day everyday when someone says are you alright today I say no same as i was yesterday and the day before that and so on.i think I feel worse on this than I did on fec in Dec 2015 I was on that till June 2016 and I know loosing my hair was devastating I didn’t have the fatigue. I lost sense if taste and have done this time too. Just drinking mainly.i get so down and irritable cos I don’t feel like doing anything I just sit or lie down,another 8 days to go on this cycle can’t to end this one. Hugs everyone xx

Hi angela60,

Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure some of our users will be along to share their experiences and show their support soon. 

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Hi Angela,


sorry you are feeling down. Also lack of food etc can make you down, due to low sugar levels.


are you able to force down some ice cream? Or chocolate, they might help? 

Once your appetite comesback you can revert to a more sensible diet again! Milk is an excellent way of getting wuick nourishment too.


yes Cape does this im afraid, but do try and hang in there as its a good chrmo and one you can take at home  by mouth…beats  the  i/v regime…and I miss itxx


you can ask to have a reduction of dose if you realky find its affecting you…they always put u on the highest does at first to see how you go. Chat to your onc



i went onto one week on and one off, which suited me better and it still worked well for two years that way and on a reduced dose too xx


do try the Cape thread too as there are lots of lovely ladies on cape xx


love and hugs



Hi - I am on Cape too (cycle 5, same dose as you) and also get very fatigued. I am amazed at how little I get done as seem to need to spend so many hours resting. Frustrating! I think accepting this is how it is, is how I manage. I have lowered my expectations of what I’m gonna achieve each day.
Helen xxx

Hi Angela

If I remember right I was on the same, or similar, dose to you when I was on Cape in 2013. It took me a few cycles to feel right on it and I thought, like you, that FEC had been easier!  However once my body adjusted to the dose I was able to get on with things pretty much as normal but I do know how fatigue can affect people differently.  I’m currently on kadcyla and almost everyone on this forum who’s on it speaks about fatigue but other than the first few days after the IV I don’t get fatigued. I would ask for a dose reduction if you are struggling, the oncs will want you to tolerate this drug and live with it, not suffer in silence. It’s worth asking at your next appointment and, like Moijan, even on a 20% reduction in my dose I still got a good 18 months out of this chemo.

Good luck

Nicky x