Palliative chemotherapy

I’m on my 7 th cycle of capecitabine tomorrow not been to bad at all ni side effects to speak of just tired. But as my ct scan showed some markers have got better some worse so tomorrow I start vinorelbine. 2 gel like capsules one tomorrow after I ring hospital up to make sure blood ok then 2 nd one on day 8 after yet another blood test.wirrying about side effects with this, will I lose my hair again. Blood test every week is a pain sometimes when I’m feeling low I wonder is it worth it the physical and mental effects it has on you.the not knowing what’s to come. Hate this sometimes ??

Hi angela60,

I hope you got through your chemotherapy okay yesterday?

Whenever it gets too tough, please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, who will be able to offer a friendly ear.

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Hi Angela, I did vinorelbine by infusion. Oral form wasn’t available in US then. I don’t know if it is now. Vinorelbine worked just short of 5 years for me. It usually doesn’t effect hair. Mine stayed. This drug was easy for me. I don’t remember what SE’s I had in the beginning. I think it was heart burn and muscle cramps. I do remember we figured out that I needed infusion pepcid before the chemo for the heart burn. Any other SE’s resolved in a couple weeks. I hope it’s kind to you and kicks the camera’s butt! Good luck! FF

Hi funnyface I’ve been on cape since January 2 weeks on 1 week off added vinorelbine this week day 1 a nd day 8 I take 2 tablets after a blood test having lot of indigestion at night. Had craving for lemonade and thought it might be that so stopped having it but last night I had sleepless night. Tiredness is a problem and loss of taste. But not too bad at moment