I find myself focussing on every ache and pain.

The ‘latest’ one I have noticed is I seem to have developed a palpitation over the last day or so - nothing dreadful but a slight fluttering of my heart. It happens mostly when I am sitting still - I tend not to notice it when I am walking around. The fluttering makes me slightly breathless. I have had one FEC and due second next week. I have a appt with Onc on Monday and will mention it but I wondered if anyone else has had such a thing - is it normal, anything to worry about or maybe I am just imagining it ?(I think I maybe becoming a bit of a hypocondriat)


Hi Saffronseen
I find myself focussing on every ache and pain!!! and why shouldn’t you, we are all going through the unknown, so everything becomes a mountain. So ANY concerns you may have should be reported! so why wait until Monday, l thought l had read there is a 24/7 helpline, or do l have than wrong!
I think we can allow ourselves to be hypochondriac’s from time to time!
I am sure you will have lots of answers coming along soon…these ladies, they never fail!
Take Care
Sandra xxx

Just thought l would…

Spoke to a friend earlier, who suffers from papitations, she said she only gets it these days, when she is stressed, and only notices it when she is sitting relaxing! Not sure if that helps?
Lots of Hugs
Sandra xxx

hi -had exactly the same thing and asked my team for an ECG - they did it and all was fine - it will just put your mind at rest

take it easy today xx

I had exactly the same on FEC. I mentioned it to onc and apparently it can be a side effect. When I changed to TAX they disappeared.

Good luck

thanks for your comments it has put my mind at rest but will mention it tomorrow.

It is worth mentioning this to your onc as there may be something they can do. I had palpitations in the past before chemo but after finishing FEC 2 years ago they got really bad. On investigating possible causes I found that chemo, a drop in hormone levels and low potassium levels all can cause palpitations. Which was great as I had all 3 :wink: Although they don’t tend to affect the heart in a bad way (they are due to misfiring of electrical impulses in the heart muscle) they are bloomin’ un-nerving and unpleasant. Mine unfortunately have continued and I now take medication for them. BTW excess alcohol can also cause them but I don’t suppose you are indulging in that during FEC - I certainly couldn’t!
Good luck with your treatment and hope the palpitations don’t continue.

Yes! It’s happening to me too! Just finished x4 epirubicins and started on cmf. I’d noticed them before but this morning, had quite a few in a row, no chest pain (otherwise 999 would have been appropriate I think), and I’ve been wondering if it’s just due to stress or whether the chemo is to blame. I’ll mention it when I next go for pre chemo check and report back!