Panic...1 year mammo

Hi Ladies
I have been feeling really positive in recent weeks helped a lot by some excellent counselling and my brand new nipple but today I made my appointment for my first year follow up mammogram on the 20th of Oct and suddenly I am back there in the waiting room!
Any tips for getting through this would be gratefully received
E x

Hi Queen of retail therapy… I love your name and sooo agree :slight_smile: I,m due my first mammo on Nov 24th and am absolutely S******g myself like you I,ve tried to stay positive but the fear gremlins are now at work again and the BC world is looming once more… :frowning:
I think no matter what people say to try to relieve any collywobbles we will feel them anyway, we are human and BC challenges that.
Good luck hon and your not alone in your waiting room xxxxxx


I had my first mammo last Thursday & like you was b****ing it in the run up to it. Every little ache was a recurrance; I even had a pain in my knee convinced it had spread (I had DCIS so it couldn’t!!!). i’d pulled a muscle.

I’ll let you know the process I had in my local screening clinic which will hopefully reassure you but won’t I’m afraid take away the panic.

I arrived with hubby early so plenty of time to go to loo etc; on arrival just sat down in waiting room when very nice nurse took me through to a smaller waiting room as they were able to do me earlier than appointment time. Fantastic; but had to run to loo first!

After about 5 mins. I was taken into mammo room via the linked changing room. They explained what they would do etc. I advised worried it would hurt where I’d had 2 WLE & 3 weeks rads. They had a new machine & apart from the normal pressure I felt on previous mammo no pain at all. In fact over in a few minutes.

In my case the screening clinic give you results there & then. (You may want to check on this) I was physically shaking when radiographer called me & hubby into a room to advise results. Good news all clear; but (I always seem to have a but) I have 2 bits of calcification; but they are benign at present. Very common apparently after surgery; but as my DCIS originally showed up as calcifications I now have another mammo scheduled for 6 months just to check if any changes.

I was actually out of the unit 5 minutes before I was due to go in!

Hope all goes well for you
Take care

Thanks so much Doz and Simples for answering my post.

I will definitely get the mammo results the same day… which is good but one issue I have is that I “found” my cancer just 8 months after my first ever ‘clear’ mammo…and it was 4.9cm!!
My BC was lobular which as you probably know doesn’t show well on mammo and doesn’ t tend to present as a lump and I’m not sure that I will trust a clear result on my remaining breast.
I just HATE the fact that I have turned into a quivering wreck again

Doz… I gave myself that name because I managed to escape chemotherapy and radiotherapy… so I had to find my own therapy!!!

E x

Gosh I know how you feel as I’ve just had my appointment through for my first one too. I’m also starting to get jittery because I had invasive lobular & ductal and I had so many tests done last year before they confirmed it, including a mammo that it wasn’t really obvious on, even though it turned out to be 5.5cm and I had small boobs. Mine is mid November and given that I’ve already been through one new scare recently, I’m not sure my nerves are up to all this. I’m hoping that my OH will be there with me as he’s so good at calming my nerves, bless him.

Nymeria x

Hi everyone. My first mammo is Friday and I’m feeling really edgy. I am going back to the clinic where I had dx. I get results following week at oncologists appt. I don’t think I will be very nice to live with so should apologise to my family now. If results are good I shall organise a little treat for myself. If not good, the same. xx

Thats really good news Simplesl i,m sooo pleased for you and thanks for the run down much appreciated…xx
I,m not sure I get the results straight away so will have to check… the waiting room scenario is not a nice place to be…
If I dont get them straight away i,ll follow Queen of retail therapy and spend a few weeks/days spending, taking my mind of it… if thats possible?
I was also the same my uninvited visitor was too deep and didnt show on the mammo it only showed on the scan which was given as i,d pointed out the little dent in my skin, so whatever they do i,ll always wonder if anything has been missed when I go late Nov, How stupid am I? I,ll be thinking of all you lovely ladies who have to go before me… GOOD LUCK xxxxxx Doz

Hi Girls
Just wondered how you were all getting on??
Some of you will have been and some due so thought it,d be
nice to have a catch up… feel like i,m in the waiting room
already and still got 4 weeks to go GULP!!!
Love to all Doz xxxxxx

I have had constant butterflies since my appointemt was made. I was wondering does the fear ever go away or is it a case of it is always tapping us on the back of the shoulder? I have to decide also whether I have further reconstructive surgery or not, I had an immediate Latissimus Dorci recon at the same time as my mastectomy but unfortunately as my tumour was attached to the chest wall I had to have rads which shrink my recon. I have been offered Lipo filling and to have an areola and nipple done. Not sure about it all as I am so fed up of hospitals. Anybody facing the same dilemma???

Hi Scottdolly
Bless you as if we all hav,nt been through enough already xx
I.m still sat in the waiting room… well it feels like it 25 days to go :frowning: I didnt have a mastectomy but the lumpectomy has left me with a smaller boob with a chunk underneath missing…Due to rads I guess i,ve decided against recon but would,nt blame anyone for having it so I,m not facing the same dilemma as you are but the fear is there all the time and I dont think it will ever go away, once BC has touched you it remains an uninvited guest hon so your not alone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhugsxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Ladies
Sorry I haven’t been back sooner.
Had my 1st year mammo about 10 days ago. I was a nervous wreck, tried to keep myself busy in the lead up to it and that helped a bit.
On the day I was right back to where I was a year ago… so much so that I actually burst into tears while in the mammo room… radiographer was great and very sympathetic.
They also did an ultrasound as my cancer was lobular just to help put my mind at ease… everything looked clear which was great news!
The strange thing is that after the first day or so celebrating the good news, I have felt really flat and quite down…don’t really understand why
Love to all x

Thank you for the hug Doz… one can never have enough of them. I am on final countdown to mammo…I met a friend and colleague who had her check up today and she is as calm as can be. x

got results of my first mammo today after 2 and half weeks it was fine so celebrated with 2 glasses of wine will be thinking of all of you as you go through the same lots of hugs jmr xx

Aw bless you all xxx
Soooo pleased the good news is starting to come in WOO HOO well done ladies and enjoy the wine… and Scottdolly the hugs are free :slight_smile:
I can understand you feeling flat Queen of retail I think it puts you back to the day your treatment finished and you suddenly realize YUP!! your back on your own again… well this time your not on your own as you,ve got us to banter with.
Jmr hi butterfly I pop on here now and then as its another link to after treatment has finished and massive hug to you such good news will reply again on “Where did I go!!”
Love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxhugxxxxxxxxxxx

I have got my 1yr mammo tomorrow. I feel a bit sick thinking about it. Logically I have no reason to think there will be anything wrong, but then I think, well, before my diagnosis I didn’t think there was anything wrong either!

Can anyone tell me what happens? Do you see a doctor/nurse/someone who has been around for your treatment and have a consultation or does just a radiographer type person take the mammo and then you go home? If it makes a difference it’s a one-stop clinic at my hospital, when I was diagnosed I saw technicians, nurses and the surgeon, I was scanned, biopsied and diagnosed all in the same day.

Might I get the results tomorrow, or do they just send you away to wait for a letter? (Sorry if these are unanswerable questions, it probably varies from hospital to hospital I guess)

One more thing…does it hurt??? I haven’t had a mammo since my recon, my new boob is pretty firm and I just can’t imagine it getting squeezed in between those plates :frowning:

Sorry for all the questions, I am just having a bit of a flap…


I had my 2nd mammo since mast and reconn and this time they mammod my reconn boob to, which I did not think they did, anyway I can say, no it did not hurt,I was terrifed when the reconn went under the plates, but no difference at all.I had to wait for the results, I put it to the back of my mind about a week after the exam as I thought they would have contacted me if they saw anything. Good luck its not bad honestly, but saying that I know I will be nervous come my next one!!!


Hi Sallieann

Last month I had my first mammo & was a bag of nerves. More so than when I had the one-stop shop last year.

It was very quick & not uncomfortable; even though I had 2 WLE & 3 weeks rads.

It depends on the hospital; when I contacted the hospital they agreed for me to go to the screening unit as then I would see the Dr Radiologist after & get my results. The other hospital has more days avaialble for you to go as done in general x-ray dept; but then you may get results up to 2 weeks later by post.

Does your appointment letter mention how results given; if not do you have time to call them & ask before you go so you know.

Staff were lovely and put me at ease (well as much as they could)

My mammo was clear(Horay) but I have 2 bits of calcifications they want to re-do me in 6 months to be sure they are begnin. They are at the moment. I was fine but then hit a wall & a bit of a panic a couple of days later. Contacted BCN who explained it a bit more; just need to cross my fingers no change in 6 months time.

Take care

I`ve just had my 3rd year mammo. Previous two were a piece of cake, given the all-clear and soared out of the hospital on eagles wings, although a bit emotional because it brought it all back.This time they fussed about a bit getting clear pictures and I was in a quietly bad mood for days after, although I was eventually given the all clear again. I think this is a particularly tense time as I dont want to even think back to the worst days of treatment so anything that threatens my progress makes me go all shakey! I guess its natural and we all have to face it once or twice a year.

Hi Mimsy
Thats such good news for you… i,m due my first check up in a couple of weeks and can totally relate to the tense time we go through, i,m quietly S*****G myself and sadly it does take you back to the worst of it all by putting you back in the waiting room scenario… not nice!! Oh well it,ll be over soon and hopefully i,ll share your Eagle wings :slight_smile: eeeek!!!
Love to all and keep sending the positive messages it does help xxxxx

Thanks everyone for your messages. I had my mammo this morning. I was absolutely fine in the waiting room, then I walked into the room and promptly burst into tears! Silly sod! Anyway once I had collected myself it was okay and over very quickly.

I didn’t see any staff other than the radiographer, who just scanned me and then sent me on my way. I will get my results by letter in up to 4 weeks. 4 weeks!! I was a bit annoyed to be honest, I think they could have at least had a BCN around to have a bit of a chat with you, it is such a scary and vulnerable time. It really brought back the feelings of my original dx. And I wish they could get you the results quicker, surely they must understand there is a world of difference between a routine scan and one given to us BC ladies after treatment.

Anyway there is nothing I can do now but try and put it out of my mind (and hope I get some nice clear results sooner that 4 weeks!) Good luck to everyone and yes, do please keep reporting positive results! Much love xxxx