Panicking about collarbone node!

After original diagnosis on 3rd Sept this year I had a CT scan and bone scan and although everything clear it did highlight a supraclavical node. No lump to see just on scan. Because of this my surgeon recommended chemo first as he wants to treat my whole body first. Apparently, this is common? I’ve done cycle 1 with not too many side effects and hoping each one remains the same story. I’m trying to be positive about everything and can be about most of it but just can’t get this collarbone node out of my head! It’s worrying me sick. Would the chemo sort it, then radiotherapy at a later date? Just so panicky as it can’t be surgically removed. Does anyone have any experience of similar? Kindest thanks. I’m 41 and live in Wiltshire.

Hi Bonnie

I am sorry that you havent recieved any replies yet.  You may find more activity on the going through treatment section which is busy with lots of people posting.  If you have any questions you can also call our support line, 0808 800 6000.

 Best wishes
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