Hi I get confirmation on Monday how advanced they think my breadt cancer is but as one of my lymph nides in my armpit is enlarged(about the size of a large grape) I am freaking out! I already think I’m stage 3, I am do scared…

Please excuse the appalling spelling mistakes! Should have checked before I posted, I blame my phone!

HI there Foxy,


Right ,…don’t panic…really don’t panic. Lol  Firstly, if your lymph node is enlarged then it has been doing what it is meant to do, filter BC cells. They may, if it necessary, remove a number of lymph nodes which are affected along with whatever order surgery is needed.  


What information have they currently given you about the type of cancer you have…have there been any biopsy results at all, or just the mammogram and ultrasound results? Where are you in the diagnosis process?


Secondly, there are treatments for all different BCs nowadays, different treatments depending on the variety from your biopsy results. There are a huge number of things which can be done, and are done, for even the stage 4 ladies. The ladies here on the relevant forums section are testament to that fact as many of them have been years receiving such treatment. 


Come me back and let us know what you know so far, and others will be along to support you too x

I am BRCA1 positive, and went along to hospital to discuss preventative surgery but they checked a lump I had under armpit at same time and suddenly I was having an ultrasound and core biopsy.They have told me that it is over 90% certain breast cancer and said I will be looking at chemo first.I will know for certain on Monday but I feel scared that it is already in my lymph glands then it must be advanced.
I had a mammogram 2 months ago and it was clear, and various examinations by doctors as my breast just didn’t feel right but they couldn’t find anything until I found this lump.

Hi Foxy.
It’s hard not to be scared. Even the word cancer sends the fear of God in to most people.
Every bc is different and the treatment is tailored to you. I have my results hopefully on Monday too. You will, like me have good and bad days. I have been in a real turmoil over it all. I’m just preparing myself for what is to come. I have to be prepared or I wouldn’t be able to cope. I only know that I have an invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 3, 22mm. HER2-. I’m waiting for the Oncotype dx test to come back.
I think if you can, read the stories on here. I have gained so much insight on what can happen at each stage. The ladies have really helped me to almost come to terms with it and prepare for what I can expect in the future.
Let us know how you get on.
Good luck to you.
Sonya x

Thankyou I am very up and down with my moods, bursting into tears when least unexpected. It really is the most emotional I have ever felt and my partner is worried sick too.
I feel at least I’m not alone but it is so shocking how many women are being diagnosed every day.

Hi Foxy, try not to panic although I know it is scary and so hard not to.  I was diagnosed in November and mine had spread to my lymph nodes, but just 2 of them which they removed (along with 7 others which were fine) I’ve had a masectomy (because I’m small chested and there really wouldn’t have been much left even though my lump wasnt that big!) and from then on I was effectively cancer free.  I’ve just finished chemotherapy and having radiotherapy next week - then it’s back to work and living my life!! You are at the most worrying stage - waiting for results is the worst part of it all.  Once you know what is what, then it’s strange, but you find a way of dealing with whatever treatment you need next.

Let us know how you get on on Monday.  Whatever the news, you will find so much support on here, so I’m really pleased you have found us :slight_smile:

Kim xxx