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I am 29 years old and do not have any family history of breast cancer. I recently received a pathology report based on nipple discharge stating that the discharge contained macrophages and a small cluster of epithelial cells that were slightly atypical and consistent with papillary neoplasm/hyperplasia. The doctor told me that I could wait a while to see if I have more discharge or if a lump develops instead of having my ducts removed for testing as he is still strongly considering that the culprit is papilloma. Does anyone have advice for me?

Helpful publication Hi Shawna

Breast Cancer Care publish many informative publications the links below are leaflets and information on papilloma

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I have the same thing on my forehead, nothing to worry about!

Papilloma Hi Shawna
I’m currently under investigation for a blood-stained nipple-discharge which the surgeon thinks might be an intraductal papilloma. The op is 1st sept. I’ll post the outcome if that’s any help to you, though I am post-menopausal so I wasn’t given the choice of not having the ducts removed in order to rule out cancer.

Hi Shawna

I had my op yesterday to try and resolve persistent blood-stained nipple discharge and check for benign papilloma or DCIS. The op went well but I won’t get lab results for 2-6weeks. I find the waiting is the hardest thing even when there is no family history of bc. But there are loads of benign reasons for nipple discharge. I found lots of information and possible causes with precise descriptions by simply typing in “breast nipple discharge” on Google. Good Luck! I’ll post my results when I get them.

Got my results - all clear!

Hope you are lucky, too.


brilliant Hi Philomena,
Wonderful news, I love hearing of people doing well. I am really pleased for you. Hope you have some really good things planned to celebrate.

Hi, I was diagnosed with Juvinile Pappiloma 6 years ago, I was 29 at the time, they took a sample and sent it for testing, They called me a week later and told me all was okay, as you an imagine i was over the moon, but that did not last very long as a week later they called me back to tell me they made a mistake, and i would have to go to hospital the next day for an opperation to remove the lump, which they did, it was a releif, as for 2 years i knew that something was not right i could feel a lump and had discharge, i had to fight to get them to take me serious and test me. Dont give up if you feel there is something you are not happy with get a second opinion, its your body and you should feel a sense of relief and not a sense of dread all the time. I wish you luck.