Paraben free body lotion

Paraben free body lotion

Paraben free body lotion Hi everyone,

Do any ladies know of a paraben-free body lotion that is safe to use whilst undergoing rads? I’m not due to have rads unti September but I want to start using something to moisturise the skin beforehand.

Jibby X

Paraben-free body lotion Hi Jibby,

I use Body Comfort which is a wonderful, soothing lotion from Green People. It’s 93% organic and doesn’t contain parabens or any other nasty chemicals. Smells quite good too! It is sold in some health shops and even a few supermarkets but you can order it directly from

It would be worth talking to your radiotherapy team before you buy anything though, as often they will tell you only to use certain products while you are having the treatment. When I had rads I was advised to use aqueous cream, which I bought from the hospital pharmacy, about £4 for a huge pot so it’s cheaper than Green People! My skin did get quite sore from the rads but it soon healed and that’s when I started using Body Comfort.

Good luck with your treatment.

Love, Catfan xx

Cream. I also used aqueous cream through out my rads. Didn’t have to but it though as my hospital gave me a large tub at the start of my rads.
Found a good deo to used during rads by PitRok. A bit expensive at £3.95 from Boots or Superdrug but I like it so much I’m continuing to use it now after my rads have finished.