Does anyone else have this problem, and how do you handle it?  I had to go through the humiliating experience of buying Paracetamol, which I take for the painful side effects of Letrozole.  I don’t use it often, but I have to have it for 3 people (me, husband with sciatica, mother with arthritis), and I don’t go shopping every day, or even every week.  So this business of limiting me to 2 packets is frustrating me HUGELY!  Tesco told me to go to the pharmacy if I needed more than 2 packets.  The pharmacy told me they could only sell me 2 packets.  The GP is not allowed to prescribe them.  WHAT am I to do?  I even took my husband with me once, and he wasn’t allowed to buy any because I had used up the limit of two packs. (I am my mother’s carer, by the way, as she cannot get out on her own.)


Hi Cathy,
Yes, it is frustrating, I’ve had similar following my OH’s knee surgery. Unfortunately, it’s dispensing guidelines, I believe, gone are the days when we could buy a bottle of 100 tabs!
Could you order online as well? As Least it would save schlepping to the pharmacy.

Ate you able to go to more than one outlet during your shopping trip? You could purchase 2 in each!!

Try speaking to your GP my partner gets paracetamol in boxes of 100 which he had for his knee replacement, worth a try 


Just to add our gp won’t prescribe paracetamol anymore to anyone for any reason. They say they cheap enough to buy.

Me and my hubby just go through separate and both buy them. Maybe someone could shop with you ???

I did it I home bargains and in wilkos. Just got to be discreet. Use separate tills!! ???

My doctor prescribes them for me on repeat prescription… no charge, you should ask them.

Hi Pecan. Your gp can prescribe paracetamol if you take them regularly. I would speak to the Practice Manager or failing that PALS or someone at your local CCG. GPS are told not to prescribe them for people who have the odd headache etc but if you need them on a regular basis then they should prescribe them. Good luck.

Hello Pecan and all,


Not sure if you manage to sort out your paracetamol prescription issue out and the GP relented. 


Anyway, I am currently taking paracetamol a little more regularly.  I asked at the supermarket pharmacy (Morrisons) and no problem in purchasing up to 3 packs of 32 in one go (so 96 in total). I had already purchased 2 packs of 16 at the checkout. So a grand total of 128. I also had no problem purchasing in Boots at the pharmacy counter - another 96 in one go and no doubt could have done the same at  any pharmacy I passed by. 


Hence the Pharmacy seems the place to go.




Chick X

I just think this is so sad and wrong! No one should have to do a round of supermarkets to obtain decent pain relief! Please complain to your Gp and Pals. 

I agree buy your own for coughs and colds etc but for post surgery or during treatments it should be prescribed!  Plus if you are having cancer treatment prescriptions are free. Good luck x


Hi Pecan, I’m extremely surprised your GP is not prescribing for you . I’m on Letrozole too, and on a bad day paracetamol doesn’t touch it. I get both paracetamol and codeine on prescription. Perhaps your GP doesn’t understand what pain you’re in? I think I would be having a little chat. It’s ridiculous you having to run around chasing paracetamol. X