PARP inhibitors


I’m sure some of you have read stuff about PARP inhibitors, which seem to be new drugs that offer ongoing treatment, post chemo/radio for TN cancer.

Has anyone been offered this treatment?

I asked my friend who is a chemo nurse about them and he said that they ‘fix’ damaged DNA. I have an unusual variant of the BRCA1 gene, so am wondering if I’d be eligible for PARP inhibitors even if it IS a current/new treatment since I haven’t got the standard BRCA1 variant.


Hi, Jo,
I asked about PARP inhibitors but was told they were in trials only. Haven’t been tested for BRCA as 66, and no family history.
I found this on Breast Cancer Breakthrough siteabout trials.
Perhaps it’s worthwhile asking this doctor’s secretary if you would be eligible? Or ask BCC?

The only other info I can see suggests that trials are including people with TN Stage 3 or 4. I am sure there will be somebody around with more info.

Hi Lavender Lassie,

Thanks SO much for this. I’ve emailed her asking if they’d consider me for the trials.

Obviously, I’m worried about myself, but a HUGE part of my concern is for my 26 year old daughter.

I don’t have a family history of breast cancer (no women in the chain until my generation) but have history of prostate, ovarian and lymphoma, which apparantly are linked to the BRCA gene.

Thanks again. HUGE HUGE help.


You look fantastic with your hair like that! Mine started straightish but has gone rather crinkly,for the hairdresser again next week for taming advice. But I’m grateful to have hair again.
I hope you get some useful info from them, and perhaps the chance to try the PARP inhibitors.
I am aware that even though I don’t have daughters, I have three nieces and might have grand daughters so if I ever get the chance to check out the BRCA, I will.
And thanks for the positive note about being Triple Neg on the other thread

Ah well, we’re lucky to be here, aren’t we?

Hair. Hmmmmm. I dyed it pink because a friend (that I met on here actually) had had a week of hell after her 1 year mammogram. They thought they’d found more cancer. The pink hair was celebration at her clear results!

Mines crinkly now so have had the curly bits chopped off. I feel much better with a real style!


I was on this trial, with some success. But it is offered for BRCA2 so it is unlikely that you would be accepted. There is also a common misconception I read here regularly, that it is also used for TN-not so! Phase 2 of the trial is being overseen in Newcastle.

Dear Elaine,
On the Breast Cancer Breakthrough site that I posted a link to, it says that Phase II is looking at women with either breast or ovarian cancer with BRCA1 or BRCA2 abnormalities. It does not specify on that webpage at what level of cancer staging or at what phase of cancer treatment they have to be in order to be eligible. It is worth enquiring about, if you don’t ask, you won’t know.
The Triple Negative trial mentioned on that page is concerned with a comparison between carboplatin and docetaxel, not with PARP inhibitors. I do believe that there are trials elsewhere in the world of PARP inhibitors in relation to TNBC, but for routine treatment PARP inhibitors are not yet approved for TNBC.

Phase 2 is in Newcastle? Thats where I am. Family history of ovarian cancer; bc, triple neg, myself.

I’ve read in lots of places that PARP inhibitors are used in TN. This would be presumably because TN is frequently associated with a faulty BRCA1 gene.


In America they have been frequently used for TN, I agree.