Partners lies

I have hert2 positive breast cancer. I met my fella on my a few months befor. He’s been amazing But recently found messages to and from other women on his fone. All lies about him and asking to meet. My heart sank. I know he works a lot of hours and he is always hone but to me to cheating is bad and will he go meet one ! I’m starting to get stronger and to me this is unacceptable should I be worried. Help x

Hi Shazmg

I sorry that you havent had a reply yet. This is such an emotive and sensitive subject which I know others have experienced as well.  It is just not always easy to talk about publicly.

It may help for you to talk though how you are feeling with someone.  We have a wonderfully supportive free Helpline, 0808 800 6000, where you can discuss anything and everything.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer