path results

Had my path results after mastectomy , stage 3 , er positive, hr2 positive 8 lymph nodes removed with 1 showing cancer. Will need herceptin, chemo and tamoxifen. Have oncology appointment Tuesday re starting my chemo, also been refered to genetics as my sister was diagnosed week after me,though no immediate family with breast cancer! Doctor refused to be drawn on my prognosis.  I am scared, I’m only 50 have so much I still want to do. Still struggling with nerve pain and arm movement after mastectomy. 

I cannot comment on your bc as I still not had my op as you know but thinking of you and sending hugs x wish I could offer advise and help but unfortunately cannot x just to let you know I am here with an ear and sending positive vibes across the miles xxx

Hi Sib,
From what you say, Sib, it’s good only one node was affected, so they’ve done a good job in catching the little blighters & there are loads of treatment options for your diagnosis. So once you’re through this, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do anything you want to do.
Sometimes health professionals can be a bit off putting in manner, so hopefully you’ll feel better after the onc appointment.
ann x

Hi Sib,

It’s a scary time and you probably feel all over the place. As Ann says sometimes these health professionals, brilliant as they undoubtedly are, are not so good at conveying information in a sensitive way. 


My cancer was not HER2+ but I do know that Herceptin is considered something of a wonder drug which is extremely effective in treating this type of cancer. I met a woman last year who was ten years on from her initial diagnosis of grade 3 HER2+ and was one of the first people in the UK to receive Herceptin as standard. At that time not all health authorities automatically gave it. She has never had a reoccurance and was the life and soul of the party (strangely enough we were at a funeral). 


Plenty of time while you are going through treatment to plan how to put into action those things you want to do when you have recovered. You will get there.


Ruth xx

Hello Sib,


Well the good news is that you particular cancer is the easiest to treat. You are what is know as triple positive and that means that there are plenty of drugs available  to treat you and that you will respond to.


I am HER2 positive so had chemo and Herceptin then radiotherapy. I have two more Herceptin injections and then my active treatment is over. I had Paget’s disase and I did not need a masectomy but I did lose my nipple.


You will feel much better when you have a treatment plan outlined for you. The waiting and the anticipation is far worse than any treatment you have xxx


Hi Sib


i don’t understand any of the terminology, but I hope you feel better after reading the encouraging comments from our lovely friends here.


love to all xx

Hello Sib - as others say the good news is your type of cancer should respond to various drugs, greatly improving survival rate. If you have one node affected only, you will be a stage 2 (not stage 3 which is at least 4 lymph nodes affected) which is still early stage - maybe your tumour is grade 3 (which is a measure of how fast the tumour grows)?  If you do want to look at some bald statistics on prognosis, you can view the NHS’s Predict website. You put in basic info from your path report and it gives you 5 and 10 year survival rates. Hopefully these are much better than you fear! Obviously statistics are a v blunt instrument and should be viewed with caution.  But this information might help you to have a further discussion with your consultant. Best of luck xx