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Hi. I have a lesion that can,t be felt but was found by mammogram. I had a core biopsy last Thursday and got the results last Monday. now I have to have a lumpectomy this Friday. I am terrified of having a general anaesthetic afraid of not coming out of it. surgeon says regional or local is not an option as lesion too deep in my breast. has anyone else had a regional/local for this type of op? I badly need reassurance as I am very frightened. Thankyou for any advice.

Dear rosie2

Welcome to the forums, I am sure you will receive valuable support and advice from your fellow forum users, also please don’t hesitate to contact our helpline on 0808 800 6000 where you are able to discuss your concerns and how you are feeling with one of our team of specialist nurses. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Kind Regards
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Hi Rosie,

I was frightened of the general anaesthetic before my op as I’d never had one. It was the one thing about BC that had me rattled. Anyway, it really was OK. As soon as I came round, I felt so relieved as well as being ravenous! I guess that a general is the only option but please try not to worry (I know easier said than done) as generals are so routine and I don’t think anyone has posted on here about any problems. Before you know it, you will be home again. Believe me.

Margaret x

Hello Rosie,

I go in for my op next thursday and like you its the only thing im scared of. I have had an op before and know its nothing to be worried about but still soooo scared. I have my pre op tomorrow and hoping they can put me at ease about it.
Good luck with your op and im positive you will be fine and like Margart said ‘before you know it you will be back home again’ wondering what you were afraid of (like i will !!!)

take care
claire xx

Hi Rosie & Claire,

I had a lump removed on Friday 17th, I too was worried about General anaesthetic, as I was worried about feeling sick when i came round. All I can say is please relax. I was nervous at the time, especially as they couldn’t get the cannula in my hand, so tried my arm (with success), but when I came round I felt absolutely great! Felt like the best sleep I had ever had, and yes, I also was starving. Got back on the ward to have some toast and marmalade, then sarnies at lunchtime. I know everyone is different, but it will all be over before you know it. Good luck to you both. I have to wait for my results (29th). So fingers crossed.
jo x

thanks to e/one who replied to my post. I go in tomorrow but am feeling a litttle less afraid now. best wishes to you all. and good luck.

I had a general anaesthetic day surgery in June and they gave me great anti sickness stuff which was fantastically effective. It meant I was running for a bus on the way home (I decided to go home by public transport in London - against medical advice I am afraid).

good luck


Rosie, just wanted to wish you lots of luck for tomorrow. I had an anaesthetic 2 months ago for a lumpectomy and like Jo it was fine. I felt I could have got up and walked out of recovery!!!
Hope its good for you. Let the anaethetist know what your concerns are, mine was great.
Love Julie

Good luck for tomorrow Rosie - am sure everything will be ok. I have had anaesthetic a lot over the years, with tonsils and adenoids, appendix and ear problems and it is fine, from what I remember you get a cold feeling in your arm and start counting but normally only get to about 4. You will be OK, just keep positive and as Julie above says, tell the anaethetist your worries and am sure he will help you relax.

Take care

Hi Rosie

I had a WLE with a general anesthetic about 4 weeks ago.
I have had quiet a few in my 67 years and the only problem I have ever had is sickness after the op.
I told the anesthetists at my last two ops about this and they gave me something to stop this before I came round so I was fine.

You just need to relax,you get an injection and then gently go to sleep.
It seems as though you have just closed your eyes when they wake you up to say it is all over,there is nothing at all to be frightened of.

I will be thinking of you

Love Annalyn