Pea sized lump in my thigh


I had my port fitted yesterday at Mount Vernon hospital and just sitting now accepting the soreness and pain when I felt a pea sized lump in my thigh. Could rhis be anything sinister?

On 17th December 2009 I had a radical modified mastectomy with complete lymph node removal ony right side along with immediate dorsi flap reconstruction.

I’m having second FEC next Friday.

Look forward to hearing from anyone because I’m scared.

My husband has gone to golf but said I can call if I want and he’ll come home.

Hi mnc

I am 3 years down the line from my breast cancer. A few years before this I had a small lump in my leg (it’s now much bigger) but the doctor said it was a fatty lump or gristle lump and nothing to worry about. I also have one in my other leg.
I would get the doctor to check it just for your own peace of mind but hopefully that’s what it is. Unfortunately with what we go through we automatically think every ache, pain, ailment is connected to it and 3 years down the line you still think about it although it does get better.
Anyway hope your treatment goes well.
Take care
Shorty x


I’ve had a pea sized lump in my leg for years, I did get it checked out and was told the same, just a piece of gristle and nothing sinister. Over the years it hasn’t got any bigger or caused me any problems, I just know it is there.

Since my BC dx, I have developed similar lumps in my finger joints, thumb joint and actually one on the palm of my hand. I am presuming these are the same, but I will mention them when I next have an appointment.

Hope this reasures you a bit and good luck with future treatment

Me too had one for years and years. Dr said it was fatty gristle and nothing to worry about. It grow very slowly and I eventually had it removed under local anaesthetic as it was in a very obviously place and I did a lot of swimming and was concious of it.

Sure it’s nothing but always better to check for peace of mind.

Anne xx

Same here. I’ve had small pea sized lump in left groin for about 5 years. My GP said it was something like a varicose vein and was nothing to worry about. I still have it.I know just how you feel as we all do, worrying about everything all the time. I have a funny intermittent cough which started after my mastectomy op. I can walk fast for miles and sleep all night without coughing and then it comes back, not chronic just annoying and of course worrying. I start my chemo tomorrow for grade 1 infiltraring DCIS. Hopefully that will vclear it up. Good luck.