pedicled tram flap

Has anyone had a reconstruction using the pedicled tram flap? I am interested in the effect on stomach muscles and how this might limit activities in the future. I cannot get a DIEP flap done anywhere locally within a reasonable time scale but my surgeon who performed the mastectomy is offering this as an alternative. Any information would be really helpful. Also, can you feel the mesh that has to be put in place?


I had an immediate pedicled TRAM in Aug 06. The result looks brilliant. Just had nipple done and looks even better…

Stomach is softer at side where they took muscle from and looks a bit plumper (doesn’t help that I’ve put weight on) but nothing to bad. If your’e going to be on hormone treatment it’s likely you’ll put weight on round your middle anyway. The mesh can be a bit uncomfy at times(bit like tight trousers) after I’ve been bent for quite a while - weeding, washing skirting boards etc.

Normal bits like getting out of bed don’t cause any problems, you just slightly change how you do things if you find it a problem.

Recovery time was better than I was told and never really had any pain - just discomfort. I wouldn’t have done anything differently - would have been good not to have to do it in first place.

Good look

Any other questions just ask - had mine done at Chorley

Marilyn x

Hi Winnieslam, I had bilateral pedicled trams done 5 months ago, and though the abdomen has been the most uncomfortable bit, I am pleased with everything. I still have to be careful not to carry too much, and the mesh can feel uncomfortable at times, usually if I have overdone things, but this is getting a lot better too, so good luck with your decision.