People sharing too much information....


Lovely sunshine again hooray! So a slightly random not too serious post from me in keeping with bright weather…

Wondered if anyone else has discovered now they have bc people share all kinds of embarrassing illness stories with you??

Was wandering around my parents lovely little village on Sunday and an elderly gentleman came over to see how I was, then told me he knew how it felt to have life changing illness as he has a fungal infection (where I didn’t dare ask!) which means he can’t drink wine anymore!! I said even I haven’t given up wine ;o))

This is not the first time - have had all kinds of confessions about nether regions, rashes… feel like saying disease is not a new hobby of mine!! Please stop with the revolting tales!! Really makes me laugh.

Anyone else had similar?

L xx

HAHAHA! That is so funny! Fotunately I haven’t experienced that but my Mum did go into fairly horrific detail about my Grandfather’s bowel cancer after I told her of my diagnosis!

Talk about innappropriate!

Cecelia. x

You certainly become public property.

And I am fed up with being asked by “friends” who think they are funny whether the hair loss is total “nudge, nudge, wink, wink, you know what I mean”.

Sharon x

I was in a cafe recently and the waitress started at my lympohodeoma sleeve and said: ‘my father in law wears one of those on his leg and he says its marvellous?’ This uttered in a quizzical voice which seemed to be begging: PLEEEESE tell me what’s wrong with you/’

I smiled sweetly but wish I’d had the nerve to say: ‘Oh I’m wearing it because the cancer tumours in my chest wall are making my lymphoedema worse’


I have a colleague who keeps telling me stories of what happened to her dog when it was being treated for cancer! I don’t know that I appreciate being compared to a labrador (especially as it eventually died!) Well, you have to laugh, don’t you?!!


My poor labrador is ridden with all kinds of lumps, we’re taking bets who will live longer between the two of us lol

Alison xxx