People with Breast Cancer

People with Breast Cancer

People with Breast Cancer I have posted this in the Current Issues area under the “They minimise BC thread”. However, I want to post it in the “Men Diagnosed with Breast Cancer” section as well as I feel strongly that some of the comments made by men in the other thread are damaging to the cause of men with breast cancer. Here’s why:

Of course men get breast cancer too, but personally, I find it very tiresome when a woman refers to women’s experience of breast cancer or articles like the Daily Mail one (that refers to women only) and then she gets pulled up by men for not referring to "people with breast cancer or “men with breast cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that afflicts large numbers of the female population each year and that is why breast cancer has such a high profile for fund raising and publicity and why so much funding is invested in research into causes and treatments. The 300 or so men diagnosed with breast cancer each year benefit from all this focus that is given to a disease that overwhelmingly affects women.

If men with breast cancer are going to bully (an emotive term, but that’s what I think it is) a woman with breast cancer every time she posts something that doesn’t specifically mention that men get breast cancer too, and try to make her feel guilty and wring an apology out of her, they seriously risk reducing losing some of the sympathy and support they currently get from women with breast cancer and they do a disservice to the cause of all men with breast cancer, whether or not they use this forum.

Locking thread Dear Daphne

I am going to lock this thread as you have alredy posted this in current issues which is a more suitable place for this sort of debate. If you want to start a new thread there then that it fine.

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