Periductal mastitis/duct estasia

Oh poems, it does, doesnt it?!
The doctors constantly give people the walkabout and treat us like we’re stupid. Frustrating. At least I’m getting referred now as far as I know so there’s been at least some progress.

Kat x

Hi. I wondered if I could speak to anyone that is going through something similar. For the past two years I have battled with periductal mastitis, it’s been a nightmare to say the least! I am 30 abd a casual smoker. The condition had got so bad that I’ve had the area lanced 4 times and been in hospital with cellulitis as a result of infection. I seem to be on antibiotics every second week and ut feels like as soon as this settles and I think it’s gone it’s back :frowning: It starts with my nipple stinging and sore to touch, then the bottom of the nipple stiffens and the whole nipple inverts. It then hardens at the side of the nipple and becomes red,hot inflamed and sore to touch. The redness starts to spread up the breast and I get no relief until the infection comes to a blister next to the nipple and releases. I have seen surgeons, GPS and no one can give me any other relief but through antibiotics. I feel it may be linked with my cycle but doctors haven’t acknowledged this and keep saying it’s due to being a smoker. Has anyone had a similar experience? I used to have sore lumps while on birth control but two years ago I came off it to try for a baby and since it has been so bad, again that’s why I think it could be linked to hormones. Any advice or to hear anyone’s stories would be really helpful, I feel even the doctors don’t know alot about this condition and I am so fed up with it now. Thanks.