Periods after mastectomy

I’ve recently had a mastectomy on my left breast for DCIS with no further treatment required. I have always had regular periods and for the first time am now nearly a week late. I know I am not pregnant. Has anybody else experienced something similar? Part of me thinks this is due to the stress of the surgery. Thanks

Hi. Stress certainly can mess up our periods. When my dad died suddenly 16 years ago, I didn’t have a period for 18 months afterwards, having been regular as clockwork before. Time has become a bit confused at the moment, what with all the appointments and procedures, but I think I’m about a week overdue too… I’m 13 days post MX. x

Thanks for posting Mel66. I am about 5 weeks post surgery at the moment. What is strange that I had a normal period straight after the MX, however have had all my normal symptoms for this second period but no actual period. Looks like your body is doing weird things at the moment too! This whole diagnosis is such a shock/whirlwind. Hope you are recovering from your surgery x