Periods after zoladex.....

Hi Everyone.

I am due to come off the Zoladex after 2 years next year and i cant wait and has made me soooo so miserable! I hate it! I have just been told that i now have osteopeross because of it…great stuff! I cant wait to have a period (I never thought id hear myself say that)and cant wait to stop flushing and lose this damn weght! My oncologist said rthat all this will take effect and osteoperosis should fix itself when my periods return. Im still going to be taking tamoxifen, will my periods return? anyone know from expereience?

Emily x

hi mairead - I had zoladex for endometriosis when I was younger - about 13 yrs ago and mine came back when I stopped - took about 6-8 wks or so - the zoladex induces a chemical menopause ie caused by meds so stopping the treatment usually means you go back to how you were - but saying that some people on tamoxifen don’t get theirs back - mine disappeared when I had chemo and came back 6mths after last chemo to the day - yesterday! I’m on tam for 5yrs and I’m 44…I need to speak to someone as I don’t feel happy mines back but maybe its ok??? mary x

Hi Mary
I’ve been on Tamoxifen about 6 months now and my periods came back a couple of months ago. I was worried at first because the Dr said to let her know asap if they did but when I went for my appointment they told me it was nothing to worry about. They haven’t changed my meds or anything so I am assuming its fine. I haven’t been on Zolidex
Amy xx

thanks amy - I have an appt this jan so will check it out then…mary x