Periods again...(I think)

Hi All,

I’m 31 and currently on tamoxifen having completed chemo in April and radio in August and today I have started to bleed for the first time since January. Is is possible for your period to return so soon after treatment? I thought it took a couple of years. Anyone else had a similar experience?

T x

Hi T
Mine have just returned post chemo and I only missed 3!. I’m on Tamoxifen since Sept. Saw the onc today who said they are more likely to return the younger you are (I’m 39). I expressed worry that as I am ER+ then this was it a bad thing but he reassurred me that Tam works by binding to any cancer cells and doesn’t necessarily reduce Oestrogen in the body. I asked him why I’m not on Zoladex and he said that the practice of switching off the ovaries is controversial and some oncs do and some don’t. He gave me the reasons why in my case he thought it wasn’t appropriate and I’m happy to go with that.
Hope this helps
Good Luck xx


I had a period in June just right after the 1st dose of Taxotere (first has 3 FEC). I didn’t have a period unitl 13th November when I had a ‘show’ which lasted on and off for 3 weeks, then a week of horrendous loss and now on a week of ‘showing’ again. I am 41 and was told that they probably wouldn’t return. I am triple negative and therefore don’t need to worry about the ER+ or PR+ side of things.


I was diagnosed in February 2003, and had mastectomy, chemo, and radiotherapy…and not a period to be seen until this Christmas, nearly 6 years on!!