Periods and Tamoxifen

Periods and Tamoxifen

Periods and Tamoxifen Hi all. I have been taking Tamoxifen since Mid Feb and haven’t had any periods for 3 months until 3 days ago. I had e-cmf chemo and my periods didn’t stop at all on that, they carried on completly as normal. My onc said that if I had a period then I must go and see him straight away and I have made an appt. Has anyone else had this happen to them and am I likely to be put on something else as well as Tamoxifen?? So far I have been lucky and had no side effects so dont really want anything else unless I have to. (i’m 38 by the way) I would appreciate any info/advice.

same here Hi,
Sorry i can not help with info as i am in the same boat. I hadn’t had a period since starting chemo april’06 and am on tamoxifen. my first period was 10 days ago, i phoned my onc’s sec and have to wait till 1st may to see him, which is worring as he told me to contact him straight away if it happened. i was having zoledex for a while and had very bad menopausel symptoms with it so really dont want to go back on it.

i will let you know if i find out any more


Tamoxifen and Periods I started Tamoxifen at the beginning ot March and had my first period last month and have just had another this week. I had no periods when on chemo, my oncologist said that it is good if your periods return as you are less likely to suffer from osteoperosis.

Sherryll xx

hi sherryll
Sorry just wondering were you told that you are oestrogen +ve? cus i was told that it not good for me to hav periods for 2 years.



Tamoxifen and periods Hi, I had periods throughout my chemo and then when i went on Tamoxifen they stopped for the 1st 4 months and then started again, my onc was concerned as my tumour was oestrogen + so i started Zoladex with the option to have oopherectomy, which i decided to go ahead with as i have a daughter and no plans to have more, i figured why go through menopause twice, I went ahead and had the oopherectomy and have felt great since, for me, the menopausal symptons were at their worse during chemo, nothing else was as bad, but i didn’t like the Zoladex coz i’d had enough of needles by then. I hope this helps. xxx

I have a similar dilemma (you can read the full rant on the Other Site if you like).

I’m 40, premenopausal, ER+ and I’ve got secondaries. I’ve seen five different oncologists and a breast surgeon who all told me that oestrogen is bad for me and I should not have more periods. They hoped that chemo would stop my periods for good, but if it ever started again I would have to have injections to stop them, the drug name is goserelin but I’m not sure of the brand name.

My periods started again so I saw a SIXTH oncologist who contradicts all the others (including the senior consultant) and says it doesn’t matter. He would only consider goserelin if I had further spread suggesting that Tamoxifen alone isn’t working.

This sounds mad to me. I’m ER+ so surely it’s important to reduce my oestrogen levels? I know Tamoxifen blocks oestrogen uptake but it isn’t fool proof.

I’m going to talk to my BCN because I’m not convinced that he knows what he’s talking about. If it was up to him I wouldn’t even have been given Tamoxifen back in January!

Update Well I saw the junior dr 2 weeks ago who admitted that she didn’t know what to do with me as she was not used to seeing women my age!! I actually knew more than her which filled me with confidence!!. Anyway I am due to see the onc next Tuesday so i will let you know what he says. F1Fan

Periods and Tamoxifen This is all very confusing!! I had no periods at all during chemo, epi and cmf. My tumours[i had 3 in one breast] were Her2+.My blood was tested last September and I was found to be post menopausal [I was 42] so I was given Femara. I started Herceptin early November. However 6 weeks later I had a period, tested again, pre-menopausal!! Then I was taken off Femara and given Tamoxifen, from December to May I’ve had a period every 28 days. My Onc has just taken me off it because of side effects, mainly headaches, hot flushes and blurred vision. She wants me to have a break for 2 months then see if my GP will allow me to have Nolvadex. Apparently if you are pre menopausal Tamoxifen is the only drug available, is this right? Surely the drug companies can do something because of all the younger women being diagnosed?

UPDATE BOOKWORM - apparently the side effects are at lot less severe on Nolvodex so that may be an option.

I saw the onc today and he seems to think there isnt a problem with having periods on Tamoxifen and isnt keen on putting me on anything else even though I am er+. He also said Tamoxifen was the only option for premenopausal women. I’m now really confused about the whole thing???

I’ve been on tamoxifen since last october and the side effects were becoming unbearable. I discussed this with onc who was reluctant to take me off it as there was nothing else they could give me because i’m pre-menopausal!!!

After reading a few posts on here and talking to my gp i switched to nolvadex d. Side effects haven’t gone completely but are not quite as severe so it may be worth a try. My periods haven’t changed at all, if anything they’re even worse now!!

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