Periods back already, very upset

I finished chemo in October last year and that was the month of my last period. It returned yesterday after only 3 months and I am stressed out. My bcn was very E +ve and I am worried that the return of my periods means that I have lots of eostrogen in my body. I am on tamoxifen, but presume this only blocks some of the eostrogen. I am only 31, so not sure if the onc will suggest any other courses of action. Has anyone else been in this situation and what did your oncologist say? I had been expecting them to return, just not so soon!
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Hi Hazza

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Hiya Hazza, please don’t stress about it too much.I know that that is easier said than done, but Everybody is different and the are loads of different types of ‘normal’ because of that. There is a thread which has collected a lot of stories from women about how they have gone on with their periods after chemo, I will bump it up for you. Have amgood read of it and you’ll see that you fall squarely into ‘normal’!

You are probably best to mention the return of your periods to your team (your breast care nurse is probably the best place to start). I have spoken to loads of young women about this same issue and have seen their posts on here in the time since I was diagnosed in march 2010. Some oncologists might recommend zoladex injections in your circumstances, which is just a way of shutting down your ovaries for a while, but which is temporary. this happens to LOADS of young women after chemo, so you are not alone. Your oncologist might not even think it’s relevant t o your individual diagnosis, but even if s/he does, there are treatment options available which are widely used.

I’ll bump the periods after chem thread up for you


Ps. Here’s the link incase the bumped up post has disappeared before you read it

Hi hazza. I finshed chemo towards the end of July last year and my periods came back at the start of December, so just over four months later. My cancer is ER+ 7/8 and I am on tamoxifen. I am 33. I don’t think it is a bad thing - I saw a gynaecologist last week about my hot flushes and when I mentioned my periods had come back, he said ‘oh good’. I haven’t mentioned it to my BCN yet but I will when I next see her. I think the fact they are back so soon reflects your age probably. I hope they put your mind at rest.

Hey, I am only 31 as well and my periods returned after 4 months. My BC was 7/8 e+ and 6/8 pr+ and in 4 nodes so they put me on Zoledex for 2 years to switch my ovaries back off, that was in July last year and havent had a period since taking this. I am also on Tamoxifen, ‘touch wood’ havent had any back side effects from either.
They dont have much research on the use of Zoledex with Tamoxifen, the last report said it increased your chances by 2% so thought i may as well, if the side effects were bad i would have come off but its all fine so may as well.
There is a new report due out soon on how effective it is called the ‘soft’ study.

Hope this helps.
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From my understanding, Tamoxifen doesn’t STOP oestrogen, it just prevents cancer cells attaching to it to enable them to multiply, so your returning periods won’t be too worrying for your oncologist.

I was 51 at dx and close to menopause. When I declined chemo (borderline benefit so made to make the decision myself! :(), I was immediately offered Zoladex to induce menaopause and switch off oestrogen production. In younger women this is usually temporary, but in my case it is hoped that after the 2 years I won’t start menstruating again.

Hi girls.
Thanks for all your comments. I have read the thread you suggested tors , found it v useful. I am seeing my onc today, so I will quiz her on it. J, i too read that report that it gives you an additional 2 percent benefit, I keep thinking if my e is 8/8 then zoladex would be a good idea! Will let you know what she says

I’m 33, I finished chemo in December and my periods didn’t stop, is this a bad thing? I took it as a good thing, that I was probably still fertile? A bit confused. x

just back, the onc thought it was good that my periods had returned. she said that as long as I took my tamoxifen I don’t need to worry about the eostrogen. she said there was no evidence to suggest that taking tamoxifen and zolidex together had any additional benefit ( though I tried to push the fact that I was young, very eostrogen positive etc etc and she would have none of it). she even said that she would be happy for me if I wanted to have more children, after at least 2 years of the tamoxifen, which I was even more surprised about. Some things to think about anyway. It won’t stop me trawling through this site to see if any other young ones have been offered zolidex!