Periods - is this normal????

Hello friends, before I start happy new year to you all. Brief history I finished treatment at the end of Aug 08, and lo and behold a period returned with avengance on xmas eve, v.v.heavy!!
I have had a triple neg bc, with no lymph node involvement, undergone a lumpectomy, chemo and rads and was doing well until this happened - Is this normal. I’m only 35 and was dx a year to the day today!!! Don’t know what I’d do without this website

Hi Fairfield, I finished treatment in Feb 08, my periods stopped last Oct but came back with avengence in about April time and yes, they were quite heavy and irregular. Sometimes I had really heavy for a couple of days then nothing and then normal for a few more days, this went on for a few months and there didn’t seem to be much of a pattern (I had one time when they were sort of fortnightly!) They have now settled down and are just about monthly and sort of getting more of a “normal” pattern. I too am only 34 and triple negative so yours may carry on the same!

Good Luck


i would say at your age it would be normal, i had bc a number of years ago neg also at that time i had lumpectomy chemo and rads and never missed a period. they were very heavy for a few days then lighter too.
happy new year.

Hi again.

Mine have developed an odd pattern of never the same thing twice… I’ve had nothing, then a really heavy one, then a light one, then nothing, then a long one that wasn’t really trying very hard but I’ve come off the pill as well as having done chemo and radiotherapy so who knows what’s causing what.

Hope you have a much much MUCH better year.

Loads of love

Angie (Who’s now finished apart from Tamoxifen and oophrectomy… turns out one of my tumours was hormone responsive in the end and I have the BRCA gene… aren’t I greedy :wink:

Comforting to know someone’s in the same boat as me! I was told that chemo would likely put me through an early menopause and my periods stopped during treatment - then came back with the period from hell on my very last day of rads… so much for celebrating the end of treatment… I had to cancel going out to a concert, as I was feeling so crap! Since then, they’v been very erratic, sometimes nothing for 3 months (finished treatment at end of last Jan). I was told that the nearer you are in age to the natural menopause, the less likely they are to come back. I had a routine blood test at my last appointment with the oncologist in November and she said she should be able to tell whether or not I was pre- or post-menopausal… got the results last week and yipee-doo I’m still pre-menopausal… so I get to go through the whole hot flushes thing again that I got with chemo!! To be honest, I was kind of hoping I’d seen the back of having periods!

Like you Fairfield, I’m triple negative, so not on Tamoxifen or any ongoing treatment - just lots of crossed fingers! I think those on hormone therapy will still not get periods…


hi ali

dont mean to b nosey how old are u/

Hiya Fairfield,

I guess I’m edging out of the age group of “Younger Women”!! I’m 45 years old… diagnosed at just turned 44… But I like to think of myself as younger, especially as so many of the women I saw during treatment were a lot older than me.


I am so relieved to hear that it’s not just me!

Haven’t had a period since I started first line of chemo last March and I was convinced I’d had an early menopause given the hot flushes I’d had (am 40). Flushes stopped in November and I started Xeloda, and then lo and behold period came back on Friday night. I was quite chuffed initially, thinking that my eggies had managed to survive Taxotere, but come Sunday the flow picked up and yesterday and today have been the worst days with SuperPlus tampons plus a towel only lasting me an hour! It’s quite frightening and a nightmare trying to get some sleep as keep having to get up to change - I am wondering how long this is going to last as I feel a prisoner to the bathroom!

For me it’s now a case of “be careful what you wish for” as I am now longing for this Quentin Tarrantino style period to finish!


I’m 34 and started chemo on 10th Oct my period stopped right away, I’m hoping that they will return.

Sharon x

Hi Sharon,

My oncs said that the closer you are to menopause age the less likely they are to return, so yours may well come back. Interestingly, 40 is considered borderline which surprised me a bit. But it does seems to take a while for it all to get back to normal - it’s been 5 months since I finished Taxotere/Carboplatin, but I have heard of some women whose periods return a year after treatment!



They are a soooo awful when then come back, I’ve since had another one only 10 days after my first finished, and I changed clothing 4 times in 1 day, as I was flooded!! it is really uncomfortable, but in a positive way its just our body retuening to normal - what ever normal is now, I’m 35 and was coping ok with the hot flushes etc and had just got my head arponud having the menopause then low and behold we revert back again!!!

Take care, good to know I’m not alone


HI All
I had a period june 08 during the last 3 Tax then nothing until Nov when it lasted straight through to 3rd Jan 09! Then on the 18th Jan I had the heaviest period I have ever known…I ended up on mefenamic acid which clots the blood in your womb. I finished the period on saturday 24th but lo an behold have started again today! Luckily I have some tablets left to take again and I have my 3 monthly check up with onc on monday…
Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Hi Anita67
Remember me? we went through chemo together? Don’t take this the wrong way but how great to find this thread and know that I am not alone!!!. Your description could have been written by me. Just like you, my periods stopped with last Tax then started again in November and have been Yuk!. Would be interested to hear what your onc has to say, My next check up with mine is not until March so I haven’t discussed it but my BS was asking about it when I had check up last week and he said this is very common and should settle down. Are you on Tamoxifen? Thought I read somewhere that you’re not and I thought this was all to do with my Tamoxifen but maybe it’s not?
Good luck with it all
P xx

Hi eal69eal…of course i remeber you! Glad to hear that you are well. I have found it a bit difficult to use this new site but suppose we will have to get used to it! My doctor gave me Tranexamic acid to clot and mefenamic acid for the pain. (my last post was done at work and I hadn’t got the names of the drugs on me). Go to your GP and ask for these - they certainly helped me the first time round. I am triple neg so not on tamox or herc…and my gp said it could be possible to put me on the pill to regulate me but that is not what I want. I have taken the tranexamic tonight as I want to stop it before it becomes like last week…it was like I had severed an artery, plus it makes you exhausted and weary - something that I don’t want to be! I rang this site from work and spoke to a lovely lady who did say that is was normal but thought mine was severe. They advised to talk it thru with onc on monday and its a possibility that I may have to see a gyny - something my onc can do quicker than my GP, i will certainly let youknow when I’m back from onc on monday. watch this space!.
Have a good weekend and speak to you soon
take care

Just to let you know that I had my check up this morning and all is well…the problems with my periods and them returning is quite normal and should settle down in the next couple of months. As my bc is not hormone receptive it is ok if they don’t settle down to go back to my gp and either go on the mini pill or have the mirena coil.


i have been on tamoxifen for the last 10 months, no real side effects, periods came back in July, 1st one was awful but they seem to have got lighter until this month, had a show about 2 weeks ago them nothing,a few days later a bit more, then nothing, then since saturday had a period and quite bad cramps - unusual for me, is this quite normal when on tamoxifen, im 43 so not quit menopause age yet. im a bit of a worrier, my history, diagnosed july 07, grade2 18mm lump, no lymph nodes involved, had 6 lots chemo, 15 rads and just finished a year of herceptin, i also feel really tired, its an effort to do most things, i dont know if this is because of my period or just because I have finished 18 months of treatment, any advise? lovely ladies

Hi Sarah - I found that after my last period I really felt quite weak for a few days and just wanted to curl up in bed. I’m not hormone receptive, so don’t know about the Tamoxifen, but given all your treatment and the Herceptin I would imagine that it’s quite normal to feel knackered. A lot of people mention fatigue with Herceptin. I think I am on my 17th or so Herceptin and I do feel quite lethargic. How are your bloods looking?

Hi Anita - have you had your next one yet and is it any better? I think we are on a similar cycle. I am really cheesed off still waiting for a gynae referral which my GP faxed on 19th Jan as urgent. Clearly not the same response times as Breast Unit referrals. They were wanting to look at lining of womb to see if what really thick after not having shed for 10 months. Well, I have come on yesterday and have been told to go to Casualty if it gets really bad. Fabulous. In the meantime I have taken out shares in Superdrug and am heavily armed. I just hope it is lighter.

Has anyone seen that dumb advert for Always or something similar, saying “Happy period”? I am tempted to give customer feedback by collecting and posting all my used tampons and towels - see if it looks f***ing happy to them! Donuts!


Hello ladies
I’m new on this forum. My name is Mary. I was diagnosed with triple negative BC on May 2007 and went through a very painful chemo for 7 month (EC, Taxotere and weekly Taxol) and radiotherapy for three weeks. My period stopped right after the first Taxotere, Sept 2007, and came back almost one year later in August 2008. Since then I had other periods, not really painful, more or less regular (I skipped one last month). I had a blood test taken in Sept that showed a postmenopausal hormones, but after that I had other periods. When I met the gynaecologist in October, he wanted to do an hysteroscopy, because in his opinion these periods can be pathological bleedings given my postmenopausal status. I was reluctant to have an hysteroscopy. I know it is quite an invasive test. After that visit I had other periods (well, for me these are periods…) and last week I had another blood test saying that I am almost in a premenopausal status. I met the gynaecologist again and despite the last blood test result and a pelvis ultrasound showing a thin clean uterus, he still wants to do an hysteroscopy.
I’m both confused and upset with this gynaecologist because he seems to ignore what I’ve been through with chemo and radio.
Did anyone have blood test results when the period came back even if irregularly?
Thanks a lot for reading my post.
Have you all a nice day

Hi terrymondo

I’m not really au fait with all the testing for hormones, but I just wondered why the consultant is so insistent on the hysteroscope? Did the pelvic scan not give a complete picture? And what is pathological bleeding? Surely if they’re a month apart, or fairly regular they’re not a spontaneous bleed…

I’d be tempted to get a second opinion especially as your blood tests appear to be contradicting themselves. Perhaps your GP could shed some light on this. You need a proper explanation about the logic behind conducting the hysteroscope and what it is they are hoping to achieve/discover by doing it and how that affects your treatment afterwards,

Best of luck