Periods may be returning

Ladies, I have finished all treatment and am on Tamoxifen (started in April). Havent had period since mid way through chemo (Dec last year). I am 37yrs old.

Think there may be something about - small amount of spotting today. Onc told me to get in touch if periods returned. May need Zoladex. At what stage do I let him know? Shall I sit tight for the moment and see if a proper period starts? From what i’ve read, they can be quite erratic to start with cant they ?

Vez xx

Hi Vez

My periods stopped in chemo in March 2006. Thought I was post menopausal becasue of chemo and then suddenly last month after 20 months they came back!!! Spotting at first and then turned into a normal period. I am 44 (dx at 42).

I went back to onc to ask if I needed zoladex but he said no just tamoxifen. I think it depends on the size of your lump. lymph node involvement etc etc.

So - its just tamoxifen for me but I cant believe they came back after all that time. I was upset because I had suffered menopausal symptoms for 20 months and now I will have to go through it all again when I go into the menopause . Grrrrrrrrr! Onc did say I could have zoladex to help me psychologically!! as I do have a hard time mentally with all this.

Make sure you definitely need is as I hear the side efffects are not very nice . . .

Hope this helps

Love Alise