periods on chemotherapy

Hi everyone not a nice subject but…I got told as im sure we all did that chemo can bring on early menopause so i expected that my periods might stop ,however instead of having 4 days of really heavy bleeding like i always did i progressed to 5 days then 7 days and up to now on chemo 5 9 days of very light bleeding .Do you think this is normal. Anyone else had this xx

Hi lisha I have just had the most horrid period very heavy and long nit usual for me I too was told chemo would prob stop them I due no 5 on thurs. So rill mention to chemo staff when in.

Hi silverjill6666 looks like its a case of anything might happen. Lets hope we get some more people along to answer us so we know its normal. Im not due back till 27 So will b a while before i get to ask. Good luck with no5 x

Morning ladies

Sounds like very normal menopause symptoms. I started before BC and over the last year or two no two periods have been the same. All the symptoms and nothing happens, no warning and 10 day really heavy, then totally normal period. Remember it is only a *might stop* so it doesn’t happen to everyone. Talk to your BCN if you’re concerned.

Take care

Hi Lisha

My periods don’t seem to ahve stopped, in a way I was quite looking forward to that.

I seem to have had one really heavy one and then the rest light but they seem to start a few days before my chemo so I’m having them every 3 weeks, I was never regular, could be anything for 2 to 6 weeks apart.

Are you having hot flushes, because I don’t seem to be

I am having my 5th chemo today (tax)


Hi Kinsse, no im not having hot flushes apart from two last week but put it down to all the tablets im on for shingles. Had quite a fortnight of it.
Thanks for all your replies xx

Hi lisha
Spoke to BCN and she said chemo can push you into menopause so that could be the reason for this. Hope this helps. Hope you feeling better xxx

Hi Silverjill6666 ,Thanks for helping think you just panick a bit when things arent how they usually are really appreciate the trouble you went to .Take care xx

No probs hun, i was in a panic too neva had a period that heavy before. Ho the joys hey… Keep smiling i say to my self lol xxx

Hiya! I’m just building up to 3 rd chemo and am having a horrid very heavy period having had ’ scratch my insides out’ period pain monday night, when i usually just get a dull heavy ache. Your comments have helped a bit but Did your BC nurse suggest anything? I am worried about anaemia as the chemosynthesis already Dijon for all those red blood cells. Will phone my nurse anyway. ThNks , Cathy x