Periods on chemotherapy.

Just wondering what other ladies experiences have been regarding their periods on chemotherapy.


I was under the impression, and everything I have read suggests that periods should become more infrequent if not stop entirely whilst on chemo therapy. I had just finished a period a few days before my first FEC. A couple of days after the first round, I started to have what felt like period pains and then started a light bleed on about day 5. This has continued and now on day 11 it seems to be becoming a little heavier (although is still quite light)


Has anyone else experienced more frequent periods whilst on chemo? Is this ‘normal’?

Hi Mel, I had a period after FEC1 and FEC2, but nothing since and that was 2 1/2 years ago.

I had started the menopause before chemo, well not quite, but have had bleeding since. I am asking questions of my oncologist though, because I think it’s odd.
All my mucus membranes are bleeding mind you, mouth, ears pee, and anus - so why not the vagina? The nurse at chemo today day mucus bleeding can happen.

Hi Mel,
I didnt have fec chemo, I had tch- i had one period after my first session, and then they stopped. Quite a pleasant side effect if Im being honest! I finished my chemo 4 months ago and my periods returned in July.

Best wishes Emma

I also had a proper period last month after my first cycle of FEC. Was quite surprised cos like you I thought everything would stop!!

Hi mel 66

i had a period the week before my first fec in the middle of may so all normal there, my second fec was begining of june and i got my period the day after this, (which was when i expected it so all normal there too) it was not quite as heavy as normal but dragged on for nearly two weeks (my periods are normally incredibly heavy for two days then two days light then finished) so this was totally not the norm for me. That was the last period i had. I had six sessions of chemo 3 fec and 3 t. About three weeks after my last chemo  i had one small spotting of blood and thought my periods were coming back but that was it nothing else just one spot, and still to date nothing. So i think everyone is different speak to the staff about any concerns you have and i am sure they will be able to offer some sound advise. Take care

deelush x x

Has any one heard of tablets called tramax acid think thats the correct spelling still having problems with bleeding heavy now since nov 1.
Waiting to see if there safe to take whilst having fec. X