periods returned

Hi. 15 months after my chemo finished my periods have returned. My doctors are anxious bacause my cancer was oestrogen receptive but they think I’m too young for them to force an early menopause so are relying on tamoxifen to keep the cancer at bay. As I’m childless I kind of hope that my periods continue then I might be able to have a child one day. But I’m pretty worried and confused. Has anyone else been through this?

My periods also returned about 15 months after chemo. I spoke to my onc as i too was er+ and she told me not too worry as tamoxifen stops the estrogen stick to any sell - a receptor i think she called it. If you do a search on the system there are many people who have periods and are er+

IM 32 and my periods have battled through chemo and now tamoxifen! Unstoppable little blighters. Always on time too. The ONC’s are a bit curious to why they are still regular but have done nothing about it so far.



Try not to worry too much. I havnt had chemo, just hormone therapy (zoladex and tamoxifen). My zoladex runs out in march and apparantly my periods will return April/May time. Onc or consultant arnt worried at all, like Sukes my onc advised me that the tamoxifen will be there incase there are any little sods about and you have had the chemo, I do know how you feel, its a scary time.

:slight_smile: xx