Hi ladies just a quick one

I did stop my periods when i was on chemo…and now taking tamox but sunday i started a period…is this a bad thing or should i not worry…as my cancer was estregon ( spelling)…
can any one sheed some light on this for me

sal x

Hi Sal

I stopped my periods after about cycle 2 of my chemo for primary. Did not have a period for a year (am triple neg by the way so no tamox or anything), but suddenly, started having a lot of mucous down below for about a week or 2 then the heaviest bleeding I have ever had in my life - I ended up having a drug to switch off the bleeding. Have since had another period. Have now had 1 cycle of taxotere for mets so no doubt will be switched off again soon!! I had my FSH checked before hand and was well menopausal, but when I bled I had it checked again and it had came shooting down.

Slightly different from you, as in I am not on tamox, but have a friend on tamox who has had a ‘period’, she got a scare and had it checked out and all seems ok - maybe fibroids.

Might just be worth mentioning to you gp just to be sure


Thanks sparkler

i spoke to my onc about it yesturday he did;nt seem to worried as the period is not very heavy…IM 38 so dont know if it’s just a one off he said that he will keep a watch on it so we will see …just wonted to know if any one was having same simptums

sal x


I had periods during FEC but they stopped when I started TAX. I didn’t have one for 5 months then I had the mother of all periods - 7 weeks in total (some days really heavy and some hardly anything at all) I am triple neg so it doesn’t really matter about them returning. I am 41 (42 tomorrow!!!) and my onc said that they were less likely to come back the older you are.


My periods stopped with the first cycle of FEC when I was 45. I’m now 47 and haven’t had a period since Nov 2006.

Hi Ladies

Not sure if this helps anyone. My periods didnt stop during chemo ( well apart from I missed one month). I too am Oestrogen receptive and on Tamoxifen. I am as regular as clock work but onc didnt seem too concerned as they said if they arent stopped in 2 years time them they will use drugs to stop them.

Still I found it a bit worrying as thay had said that they would stop with the chemo but def with the tamoxifen. Makes me wonder how much of that pesky hormone is still going strong despite the tabs & whether it will encourage anything else.

Tips x