Hi Ladies,

Was wondering if anyone can help with some information please. I finished my chemo two months ago and i was wondering when my periods would return to normal. Through the chemo they graduallly got lighter and further apart and now seem to of stopped. i know it’s icky and personal but if any one can tell me their experiences i would be very grateful.
Thank you

you don’t say how old you are as chemo can bring on early menopause
my periods stopped last june and I finished chemo in nov my periods have not returned, I am on tamoxifen which can also keep your periods at bay.I am happy they are stopped and don’t want them back
Hope this helps

Ooops…forgot that important piece of information. I am 28, I have stated my course of herceptin now, apparently that should not effect them though. Thank you for responding.

Hi Debs
My periods came back about 6 months after I finished chemo and whilst I was still on herceptin, they were a little erratic but generally every 3-4 weeks whereas before I was around 27 or 28 days. I was also given a zoladex implant every 3 weeks so switch off my ovaries and try to preserve them whilst going through treatment so from tests that have followed since chemo, my fertility seems to be ok.

Hope this helps a little - think it’s a case of just waiting and seeing what happens.
Ruby x

Thank you Ruby,

I feel a bit bettter about it now. My onc was/is a bit rubbish and didn’t go into the side effects much so seven months since diagnosis i’m still pretty clueless.

Thank you again.
Debs x

Hi Debs

My periods stopped during chemo. I have been on tamoxifen for about 18 months.
I have had no actual periods yet, but recently had some spotting, and been getting quite a few pre-menstrual/cyclical symptoms.
My team told me to inform them if my periods started so I mentioned it when I saw the onc this week. She said that because of my age when they stopped (36) they were likely to return and may be trying to make a come back now-but, like Ruby says, it was a case of waiting and seeing.

C x

Hi, halfway through 6 chemo cycles (fec/tax) I am 45 and my periods are still regular as clockwork, onc said they would stop and return to normal post chemo. Tinax

Thank you Ladies.

All your comments have helped. I guess i’m impatient, as the herceptin has no real side effects, i feel i’m back to normal and just want to get on with life again now.

I guess i should just enjoy not having them for now. Thanks again.

Debs x