Ive got two more chemo treatments to go then its off to radiotherapy, but my periods now over 5 weeks late does this mean theyve gone for good or just for now? Im only 34 so hopefully no where near the menopause!!

Hi Emmalou,
My periods also stopped during chemo, after my 4th one. I’m 43 and pre meno and was hoping they had gone for good but thet returned last week which was a shock as I’m on tamoxifen. Asked my onc about this and she says some women do get their periods back and it’s the progesterone that is responsible for it not the ostregen.

Hi Emmalou
Mine returned about 5 months after last chemo,I am 36 and my periods stopped as soon as I started treatment. I am triple negative so do not have to take anything else after treatment which helps I think. Hope this helps Love Lisa x

Hi Emmalou

I was 33 when having my chemo and my periods continued through four doses of epirubicin, then stopped when I was having CMF. I don’t know what chemo you’re having, but I think I read somewhere that the “C” (cyclophosphamide?) in the CMF is the drug that can really affect your ovaries, which may be why it was only then that my periods stopped. Anyway, the good news is that my periods came back, about 3/4 weeks after my last chemo. Hopefully you’ll be the same - I found the uncertainty about that quite hard to deal with after my chemo had finished but I was lucky that I didn’t have to wait very long.

Love, Patience.

Hi Emmalou
I am 35 and have just had my second FEC. After the first one i did get a period once the fec had gone out of my system but this month I have not had a period so am assuming (and hoping) they are ‘postponed for the duration’

Love Jools

Yes, I am on epi/cmf finished the epi part(thank god). So, hopefully they will return when I finish the cmf.
Thanks to all replys xx

im jealous…mine havent stopped at all…ive got one cycle left of cmf to have…and like clockwork mine turned up on friday…ready for me to have chemo on wednesday next week…typical.