peripheral neuropathy

As many of you know I have had numbness in fingers and toes since finishing tax last year.Just wondered if anyone else with this finds that if you are tired the numbness spreads into the feet and up the leg then retreats to toes after a rest.I told my oncologist and he just nodded and moved the conversation on.grateful for any horace[Valx]

Hello Val

My treatment ended April 2007 and I suffer terribly with peripheral neuropathy I also had Tax I am taking Gabapentin and morphine and seems to help, and yes when I am tired it seems to make my symtoms worse I have terrible aching legs burning feet numbness and tingling in hands and feet.

I was diagnosed Sept 06 had lumpectomy I am a grade 3 triple negative 1 node infected 3 FEC 3 Taxotare and 30rads…and boy does my body ache from all the treatment.My GP doesnt think my neuropathy will get any better now and in a way I suppose its a small price to pay if it keeps the cancer at bay.

I feel better reading your post am glad I am not alone with my aches and pains coming in here is a comfort for me and lets hope this neuropathy does lessen as time goes on.

Keep Well


Hi horice,
I finished my Tax three weeks ago and my toes have been numb for about a week now.My fingers seem to be ok so far.
Alli x

Hi, Ladies

I finished tax early May 07. They abandoned it after 5 of 6 because of side effects. The neuropathy reached to my knees and elbows. It’s much better now, but still there in my fingers and feet. For awhile I couldn’t even hold a pen to write, and certainly couldn’t type. Like everything else about this disease, I’ve learnt to live with it.

BUT … every cloud …

My son got married last Saturday (best wedding EVER!) but the shoes I had absolutely crippled me last time I wore them (the ONLY time I’ve worn them). So this time round, I wore them for an hour or so each day for a couple of weeks with a pair of hubby’s socks on. Because of the neuropathy, I got away with it and they didn’t hurt nearly as much hehehehe.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

I had 4xFEC,4xTaxol in 2004 and almost 4 yrs after my chemo finished I still have peripheral neuropathy in my toes.It hasn’t got any worse but it has certainly put a stop to me wearing heels! It can be very painful but usually my toes though they dont belong to me.I cant move them much either -but then thats not really a problem - and as you say its a very small price to pay.

Thank you all very much.It always helps to know that other people have similar symptoms and I certainly agree with Anne that it is a small price to pay if the chemo keeps the cancer at bay[a poem eh!!]My chemo was 4xFEC and 4xTaxotere and I am triple negative too.My treatment finished in may2007[chemo]and June2007[rads]. Thanks again and love to all from Valxx

I finished chemo 2 1/2 years ago and still have it in my toes and soles of feet and worse in my fingertips. It doesmn’t hurt but just tingles all the time. I tend to drop things quite often and find it difficult to do things like do up buttons etc because of the lack of feeling. It was terrible during treatment, improved greatly for a few weeks but there has really been no improvement since then. Like Josyemarie it is a small price to pay. I am far more troubled by the oesteoarthritis that has recently developed in my wrists and hands. I’ve been told pretty much to just learn to live with these things.

I finished taxotere in march 06 and still havr trouble with my feet. Although it was a blessing in disguise when I had badly infected ingrowing toenails as they didn’t hurt!! Most of the time it feels as it I’ve got paper stuck to my feet but have cut my feet and not noticed until I noticed the blood on the floor. I can go downstairs safely now as it was so difficult with numb feet - they just sort of tingle. My hands and fingers are worse. I drop things and find it hard to thread a needle but still do cross stitich. My writing has changed and I can only hold wide pens not biro type ones but I can do buttons now. I find it is worse when my lymphoedema is worse. I don’t notice if tiredness has any effect at all. It is misrable but I would rather have that and be alive.
Hope it improves for you all

I also find writing quite difficult on paper and on the whiteboard. It becomes quite painful. I’ve always had untidy writing but now it’s worse. I’m a teacher and i find writing legible comments in books very difficult!


Have just had a trip to the foot and ankle assessment clinic to help with the painful feet caused by the peripheral neuropathy.Finished tax in Feb

the sensation on the soles of my feet is variable but the podiatrist has said that it is causing me to walk awkwardly which is causing further bony deformities and sore ankles. So nice lady has referred me to the chiropodist to deal with the hard skin and callouses and the appliance department for insoles / surgical shoes to help me walk more normally. Will keep you posted on progress.

The tingling is definitely worse when I’m tired and spreads up my legs. My hands aren’t too bad but fine movements are difficult as is prolonged typing.


Hi Crispy,Think I’ll see if theres one of those clinics in my area and pay them a visit.I tend to walk awkwardly too and I get pains in my ankles.I didnt realise there was help out there - just thought it was a case of grin and bear it! Ive only got peripheral neuropathy in my toes but there are days when my body feels 20 but my feet feel 100!

Hi Josyemarie

The clinic is the assessment unit for foot and ankle referals which is physio nad podiatry led to avoid inappropriate referals to the consultant. My GP referred me

Hope there is similar in your area. Was encouraged to ask for an appt by a physio friend of mine who observed my old lady’s shuffle when i first got to my feet.


Dear Crispy your comment made me heave a sigh of relief I was so scared about the way it spreads up your legs when you are tired.I was worried that it could be some sort of mets even though have been told by doc its not.Thank you.Love Valxx

Does anyone get pains in their toes? I have some numbness in my toes. Usually it doesn’t bother me, but occasionally I will get pain in my worst affected toe which means I can barely walk on it for a while. It doesn’t hurt if I keep it still, but the pain is quite sharp if I try to walk, and I have to hobble. It only lasts for an hour or two, then goes away as quickly as it came.

I do get that but it only lasts a few minutes[up to 15]I cannot walk while it lasts and as it comes on without warning it can be really horrible if i am out.It is under he toes and a bit like a bad cramp.x

My toes ache quite a bit and sometimes I have a sort of shooting pain in them.I’m on holiday at the moment but will be visiting my GP for a referral to one of the units Crispy went to as soon as I return!

Dear Josyemarie

Be prepared for a wait. the initial assessment was three weeks after seeing Gp but the appt to see the orthotist (appliance officer to you and me) is not for a further 6 weeks and then if he thinks i need something I’ll have to wait for it to be made.
Meanwhile the ankles and shins ache but I was on my feet most of the morning teaching


Hi folks

Just an update on the progress. Spoke to my Onc last week who said that the peripheral neuro pathy in the feet took longer to get better than the hands because they were further away from the spinal column than the hands. Apparently the nerves regenerate slowly from the spine and it could take 18mths or so.

Anyway today i’ve been to see the Orthotist who has said that the normal arches in the feet have disappeared and he’s measured me for insoles to try and support the feet. if that doesn’t work he’s suggesting ““sexy!!!”” (his words) surgical shoes.

How’s everyone else doing?


Bumping this up for andrea

I am 18 months from chemo and neuropathy no better.It still creeps up my legs if I am tired,still it is never really bad so I suppose I am lucky.Vx