Peripherial Neuropathy

I finished my Chemo about 2 months ago nowl, just completed 15 sessions of RADs and I am hormone theropy.

I had minor side effects whilst I went through chemo but since finished I seem to be getting a lot of other things ie my nails are very brown, ridged and look awful and my ‘good’ arm is painful and swollen (I think its my veins) but the worse is the tingling and pain in my fingers and feet. I think this is Peripherial Neuropathy.

Has anyone else had this SE, how long does it last? what can I take for it? and will it get better or is this me now for life?


Hi saffronseed i was told this could happen after radiotherapy and chemo ,they said it maybe pins and needles or sharp shooting pains and could last 18 months or so after treatment but was told the shoulder excercises we were given after surgery and mild pain killers,massage would help x if its really swollen though i would see your bc nurse you may need a sleeve support for a while x Julie

Hi, I was told it could take between 6-9 months for the tax side effects to disappear. Urghhh!

The link above has quite good info in it. I am sorry you are still having such a tough time. X Tina

I have also had problems with my nails several months after chemo finished. In fact 2 of my toes nails virtually came away from my toes and I have had to be very careful with them. Several of my toes still tingle but they are definately better than they were. I have also used a britleness/peeling solver on my finger nails as they started to split downwards and it has seemed to help.

I am sorry to say that I still have peripheral neuropathy [slight numbness and tingling in fingers and toes] and I finished taxotere in May 2007.I know that it can be permanent and was told that if it hadnt gone after 3 years then it was likely to stay.It doesnt really bother me much though I am,of course ,always aware of it.
Good Luck

I very rarely had it when I was being treated, 3 years on I seem to get it intermittently in my right fingers. I had terrible joint pains on Taxotere which put me in bed as it was too painful to walk even with Tramadol. If I made it downstairs I couldn’t get back up again unaided.

My next door neighbour has ovarian cancer and has been given Taxol - she was taken off it 2 weeks ago as the joint pain and peripheral neuropathy were so bad they said she might never walk properly again if she stayed on it. I know someone else who got PN from a lung cancer drug;she kept falling over all the time because she felt she was walking on cotton wool. Taxol and Taxotere are very hard drugs to tolerate, my onc told me patients don’t always manage the number of cycles prescribed.

Hi saffron, my finger tips and end ofvtoes are still numb and tingly. Last tax was 12 august. I asked my onco and he said is pretty common se but 50pc clear up after few months and 90pc within the year. Mine doesn’t bother me too much but hard to sew or fasten little buttons etc.