Persistant Ulcers

Hi everyone, I don’t post very often but need a bit of advice so really hope you lovely ladies will come up trumps !
I finished treatment in August 08, 4 x FEC, 2 Taxotere, 2 x FEC, followed by 20 rads, I am triple negative. The taxotere knocked me around quite a bit and had more side effects than I care to remember, one of these was really bad mouth ulcers, chlorhexidine made them worse so ended up treated them with gelclair, eventually they went when the chemo finished, but now have a recurrence of ulcers which are not responded to any treatment, so far have tried the gelclare, difflam, salt, tcp and rinstead lozengers still they don’t respond to anything, I have now had a crop of ulcers for about 4-6 weeks which are really painful. I have spoken to my GP and said I was really concerned if my immune system was taking a battering from the cancer trying to get a hold of me again, so have had blood tests and CT Scan both fine.
I have also been having reflexology for menopausal symptoms, does anyone know if this can cause ulcers, but have also been told that a lack of folic acid can also be a cause, but am wary of taking any supplements, does anyone know if folic acid is safe, and has anyone else had this type of ulcer problem, if so how long did it last

Hi Sarndee

Please feel free to give our helpline a call whilst you await replies from your fellow forum users on 0808 800 6000, open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2. The staff here can offer you support and information which may help with your concerns.

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I’ve been told that lack of certain B vitamins allows ulcers so folic acid makes sense. I know mine have gone since I started on a full a-z style vitamin supplement and they were driving me mad at the end of chemo.

Hi Have just started an a-z vit supplement last week, hopefully once the vits get into my system they will work for me too and the ulcers will soon go.

Hi sarndee

It only took a week with the ones I’m using to have significant effect and after a 3 weeks I recovered so much that I keep forgetting to take them :wink:

Hi Sarndee, i suffered really badly with my mouth after having all treatments same as u 5 years ago, the hosp where i had my chemo gave me some tiny white tablets called Corlan pellets, i still suffer but not as much u can now buy these over the counter at chemist, just put one on ulcer and let it dossolve, a bit difficult if at back of throat though, they also prescribe me Corsodyl mouthwash which i still use, i have just had 2nd mastectomy but thankfully only need tabs, so won`t suffer as much, hope this is of some help to u