Persistent cough

Hi folks

Thank u for taking the time to read my concerns. Finished treatment last sept following mastectomy, chemo & radio. My breast cancer was TN. Since sept I have been pre occupied with my health worried sick and fearful of the cancer returning. Since Dec I have had this persistent cough. No pain or chest infection. I think also my gland on my left side of my neck is swollen. I am always at the GP for one thing or another and feel I can’t bother him again with my ongoing worries. Should I be concerned ? My symptoms do not bother me at night, and do not stop me exercising. However they remain during the day. Don’t know what to do. Have tried a few cough bottles with no results. Please help!

Regards jo

Hi sorry to hear of your worry I wld go and ask for a x ray I’m surprised y gp not done one I’m tn and a yr after dx I got a cough few chest pains my onc told me wasn’t worried but my gp wanted a x ray it come back with shadow on lungs then ct unf turned out cancer in both lungs can u not contact bcn or onc sec ask for a ct coughs can be a virus but unf can be cancer I don’t want to worry u but it needs to be checked phone mon pls let us know how u get on Laura

Good luck, hope you can go to the docs and get checked out. From a totally different perspective, I had a cought and totally freaked me out. Didnt bother me when walking etc. just persisent, didnt get xray as didnt want to panic myself further, turned out though that the tablets i was on for blood pressure was causing the cough, 3 weeks after changing pills, cough stopped.

Good luck xxx

Thanks for u comments girls. I will phone on Monday and get things moving. I have been avoiding it as I know it could potentially mean secondries.

Regards jo

I too had a persistent cough ,my ct scan was clear. Cough disappeared.

X Sarah

Well, i hope you are doing well. Even i was going through same problem but got a medication from doctor and everything was fine.

As you’ve been treated for BC already I would strongly suggest getting a ct scan done asap, I don’t like worrying my GP/onc about every cough, tickle, and ache BUT lets get real here if you’ve had BC already there is always a chance it could come back, I have multiple mets on both lungs and have a dry non- productive cough intermittently it comes and goes, I am presently stable. I don’t want to scare you or be the cause of worry but I would never leave anything too chance, lets face it at some point your going to have to have a scan. Really hope and pray its a false alarm and its just a nasty virus.
Love and light to you