personality change?

Thanks Choccie might just do that .I really am getting hung up on it all its making me a bit of a misery xx


i hope you enjoy your birthday meal, please try to you deserve it!. i love indian food as well. luckily i’ve discovered my favourite indian restaurant make a lovely vegetarian alternative of my favourite dish, so it will make me feel less guilty when i have a treat and have one.

i am hoping in time as it is very early days that i will calm down a bit with the diet thing, and allow myself some treats. along as its all in moderation.

by the way whats acid/alkaline thing with fruit. not read about this yet!

TTM xxx

Hi TTM ,thanks for the birthday wishes .
Its early days for me too just finished rads on 21 dec.Then had all the food at xmas buffets chocs ect.Just really trying to figure out what is good for you ? Its so confusing.
My gp told me to drink plenty of water as our water in this area is alkaline and apparently that helps fight cancer .Acid is bad for fighting cancer.I have tried to make sure i eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day but i like fruit mostly and it suddenly dawned on me that fruit was acid!!! Anyway i looked it up on the net to see about acid in fruit and it tells you that although some fruit are acid when you eat them they turn alkaline as you digest them .
My gp is a big drinker and he was like ,oh you are fine with the drinking in moderation just drink plenty of water ,do exercise and eat well but i am still looking for something to blame and i keep coming back to food drink and stress .I know really its just bad luck but its telling my head that lol xx