PET Scan Results

Well ladies, after my panic earlier on in the week, I got my results…PET scan was clear apart from one small spot under my arm (opposite side to the BC) so I got referred back to my breast surgeon for an ultrasound. Had that today and he doesn’t know what it is, he can’t tell from the scan so I’m having the node removed on Wednesday for a biopsy.

Has anyone else had this problem with a lump in the other armpit?? They don’t seem to be too worried but obviously I am!!

Thanks, hope everyone is well tonight :slight_smile:

Lots of love

Tish xx

Hi Tish,
Am glad things were better than you feared. I hope the node removed turns out to be nothing serious but obviously it’s a worry for you but at least it’s going to be removed promptly.
It’s the not knowing that’s so hard isn’t it? I wish I could take that away but at least you’ll find out soon and can then deal with things then.
Try and have a good weekend hard as that is with worry over your head but PET scans are ultra thorough so it may turn out to be nothing.
Take care,

Hi Tish

Great that they are acting so quickly on the node, and that the rest of the scan was clear.
Could you tell me what chemo regime you had after initial diagnosis as it has worked so well on your bone mets?


Hi Rachel

I had 5 sessions of FEC, then I had a mastectomy (which I know is unusual following a mets diagnosis!!) followed by 6 sessions of taxotere. It was tough but definitely worth it, just hope I’ve not got to face chemo again to resolve this problem!

Tish x

primary sept. 2007 , bone mets oct 2008, presently continuing on herceptin and zometa but shoulder mets still not under control, in spite of radioth, and PET scan last week showed area in colon. Now further invasive tests to extablish what this is .
Anyone ever heard of mets in this area, Im dreading its a new cancer completely ?
Also - has anyone sucessfully had bone cement procedure in shoulder area- usually only done in spine but considering all at present.
Interested to hear from anyone with some experience of this ?

Evening Ladies

Well after my major panic over the one swollen lymph node under my ‘good’ arm I got the results today…no cancer!!! Couldn’t believe it when they told me, I was prepared for more chemo and losing my hair again! So that makes me NED for 12 months now :slight_smile:

Hope nobody minds me sharing my good news! Just having a glass of wine in celebration!!

Lots of love

Tish xxx

Hi Tish,
brilliant news none of us mind good news just wish there was more of it.
About to have my glass of wine so cheers to you and your NED long may it continue.
Love Debsxxx

Hope you enjoy your wine Debs, mine’s going down a treat tonight after this week!!

Tish xx

Hi Tish

That’s great news.


has anyone had surgery to shoulder as a result of tumour failing to respond fully to rads. ? on-going herceptin and zometa but surgery being considered as shoulder remains my only mets area at present .
Im interested to hear anyones experience.

hi Tish- what a great result, long may you stay NED!

Anne3, I would recommend starting a new thread with your question, you will probably get more replies if someone sees the shoulder op guestion in the topics list, hope you don’t mind me saying.