petition for better services for lymphoedema

As a CAN member of Breakthrough Breast Cancer i have set this petition up, please sign so that we can help improve services

Your petition reads:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Ensure better
services for women with lymphoedema

please help Breakthrough Breast Cancer in their “Constant
Reminder?” Living with Lymphoedema campaign. We want to make
sure that the NICE guidance on “Improving Supportive and
Palliative Care for Adults with Cancer” by December 2009 is
implemented in a timely manner. This condition cannot be cured,
but it can be managed effectively if patients have access to
appropriate services. It is vital that all patients who
experience lymphoedema following breast cancer are able to
access these services to ensure that they can manage their
condition and ensure its minimum impact on their quality of
life. At present services are very few and needs are not being
met. Also, further research is needed. please sign this

Alison xxx

Have signed

Hi Alison

I’ve just signed.

And good on you for starting another lymphoedema petition!

I shall forward details of it to my lymphoedema friends.

Have you posted details of the peitition on any other cancer/lymphoedema sites?

Good luck with it.



Have posted it on Whatnow but not had a great response, if you are a member of any other sites Bahons, could you post the link please?

Hi Alison

Yes, I will do my best to spread the word around.

Hope others can too?



so do i Bahons, not had a lot of response on here or on Whatnow, but hey, Facebook is pretty good i am finding xxxxxx

got 85 signatures so far, so only 415 to go!!!

I’ve just had a peek - you now have 94!



its took a lot of networking lol xxxxxxxxx

its now at 106, house of commons here i come lol xxx

Hi – just signed! Looking forward to a positive response.
Marilyn x

how do I link the web site to an e mail if I can do this I
can hopefully get a lot of signatures.

Hi yvoyvo

Just put this link into your e-mail: – it will take your recipients directly to the petition.
Marilyn x


I have just signed.
Good luck.

Hi again, Alison

I have just posted the link on It’s a general forum for people with lymphoedema - of all kinds.

Look out for a mixed response! Some forum users, particularly those with primary lymphoedema may not be too keen on signing.

If so, part of the reason may be that in many areas, if you have developed lymphoedema from another cause (surgery, trauma) or if you were born with it you can be virtually totally and permanently excluded from such lymphoedema clinics as do exist, with the lion’s share of what little funding is currently available going to cancer patients.

Bye for now…



hi Bahons, thank you for that, and to all of you who are going to circulate this. i have been thinking about other cancer patients, and if this is successful then i shall start another petition for all patients with lymphoedema, though if they do increase the services then all patients should be able to access them.
lots of love