Petition to No.10 for DCA trials

Petition to No.10 for DCA trials

Petition to No.10 for DCA trials Maybe you’ve heard the news published in the New Scientist about the promising new use of an old drug, DCA, (Sodium Di-chloroacetate) as a “safe, cheap cure for all cancers”.

I’ve read the scientific paper behind the headlines and there’s definitely some hope there for a breakthrough, for use as an individual treatment or in combination to reduce the dose of chemotherapy necessary for a better outcome.

But there’s no finance for the research trials as there’s little or no profit to be made from its sale (out of patent, no drug company interest.)

There are various initiatives to attract funding.

One of these is a Petition on the No. 10. website.

If you are a British Resident or a British Subject living overseas, you can add your name to the petition.

Or if you are not, but you know someone who is, perhpas you can forward this request to them.

Click on this link:


Good idea- it’s in our interests and our children’s to sign. Thanks for the link, dilly

need to pass the word about this as only 47 names so far!

Izz x

Neither my name nor the name of those I geed up to sign has appeared on the list.
Is it bad IT , hopeless inefficiency or cooking the books?
Signed up same day- confirmed as soon as email arrives [yesterday] and really wonder about it. How do we check if they’re just messing about at the website? dilly

Fantatstic I’ve just signed up and gona get everyone I know to aswell. Its amazing how so many things are kept under wraps!

We must all keep trawling and if anyone finds anything we’ll vote with our feet (or mouses as it maybe!).

petition just a drop in the ocean I’ve just signed the petition too (still only 87 names). There are hundreds of petitions on the Downing Street site and even if this one gets thousands we would still need other kinds of campaigning to really get anywhere.

I am always very cautious about cancer ‘breakthroughs’ and the hype which can surround them, but having read the New Scientist and other articles yes this is something which should go into human trials, and without pressure it won’t because the lack of patent on DCA means the pharmaceuticals won’t pay for the research cause no money in it for them. So funding for trials must come from charities, University research depts or government. I’m going to contact all the charities and ask what they are doing…what their views are.

According to Wikipedia the historical likelihood that a promising agent in pre-clincial trias (which is what has happened so far) will become an effective human cancer drug is about 5%…but wouldn’t it be magnificent if this was the breakthrough moment which future generations will look back on as the cancer cure moment…

So lets get real serious campagining for trials…and a good few thousand more names on the pertition would at least raise a public profile (look at the road tax petition a couple of weeks back)

You can also sign up to this Canadian website (where the pre clinincal work has been done) for more information about potential trials in Canada:

By the way I had no trouble getting my name on the petition, but after registering you do have to wait for an e-mail and then click on that link in that before your name will appear.


On it now, dilly