Petrified of shadow on x Ray

dear friends. I was dx’d in sept 2007 and have had no recurrence up to now. A week ago my GP sent me for a x Ray as I had some migratory joint pain in my left hip, knee and ankle as well as tingling. I’ve just had a call from gp who said the report said my left leg was fine but that two tiny “sclerotic foci” (areas)shadows  had been identified on my right side pelvis and femur as needing further investigation. my gp,said it could be other things but with my cancer history they needed to rule out bone mets. Has anyone else had these shadows on X-rays and had them turn out to me nothing sinister. I feel I can’t cope very well with the fear at the moment as my sister only recently died aged 48 and my parents are struggling with grief. If anything were to happen to me I fear they would go under. I am so scared we are about to get more bad news. Just want to disappear right now. I have no pain in my hip or femur in right side. Also what scan is needed next. A pet scan or CT or MRI?? Advice greatly needed as feeling really desperate. Grateful for any responses. Carrie 

Hello Carrie,

they might do a bone scan where they inject you with radioactive stuff then you go back a few hours later to be scanned and it highlights any problems or they might go straight for an MRI. I know it’s no point me telling you not to worry because you will but be kind to yourself and continue to ask questions on these boards because so many ladies on here have a wealth of knowledge. Take heart that even if you have bone mets and only bone mets there are women living a long time with this diagnosis 10 years and more isn’t unheard of. The latest bone drugs have made a huge difference to longevity and quality of life.

sending you a hug



Hi Carrie

I have rheumatoid arthritis which shows up on X-rays as shadows and always gets reported on bone scans as susp areas,. I’m sure there are loads of other bone conditions which also show up as shadows.

The only way you can be sure what the ‘shadows’ are is to have more tests which I take it the Hosp/gp are doing., I know the waiting around is the worst place to be, like a big rollercoaster that you can’t get off… Be good to yourself, rely on others, take time out when you need it, Maybe even go to your GP tell him how you are feeling, they can give you something to help with anxiety… And as mermaid has said there are ladies on here that have lived for many, many years with bone mets… There are loads of new advances in treatments…
I hope your tests come back with good news… What ever the results keep posting on here… There are loads of lovely ladies with loads of advice…
Wolfie xx

Thanks so much to the two wonderful people who replied. I am so grateful for your help and advice. I’m still waiting for appointments and then scans to be made. They don’t seem to understand how difficult it is waiting all this time. Thanks again for taking the time to reply xx