Hi again,
Got my CT scan tomorrow, 2 tumours in my breast and a large one in my lymph node, grade 3 and triple negative.
I am trying so hard to be brave but I’m petrified, I keep getting aches and twinges in the affected breast and I’m sure it must be spreading and in the bones. I really don’t think I can hold it together much longer.

Hi Foxy,


I am so sorry to hear about your distress and understand it well.


My suggestion would be to call the helpline on this forum, as soon as you possbly can - especially as they are only available throught business hours.


I have called them, when I was in distress and they are very, very helpful. I felt so much better after talking to them and it helped me to face the next steps I had to go through with much ore confidence. 


You do not have to be brave and it is understandable that you feel petrified.


Once your CT scan has been done, the results can take 2-3 weeks to come through and the people from Breast Cancer Care and all of us on the forums are here to support you as much as we can.


In many way, I found waiting for my CT scan results and that appointment more challenging of all that went before. For me, having gone through mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, MRI scan, operation and pathoogy results - it was the final piece of the puzzle - which made it possible for the team, which looks after me - to ensure I get the best treatment possible for a positive outcome.


If it helps you to chat off Forum, please feel free to send me a Private Message. You can do that, if you enable Private Messaging on your profile page.