Phased return and SSP

Hello everyone 


i went to to see my employer on Friday to discuss my phased return to work, as my doctor advised to start on half days and slowly work up over a period of a month.


they agreed to it, and put a plan in to action, so felt more positive.


Then the HR lady advised me , that I will only get paid for the time I’m in work, and not paid for non working days,  Which meant I will not get paid SSP for theses days, she did apologise saying she thought it was mad.  Because in fact I’m getting less money for wanting to return.


So I’ve looked on the government and acas website, and it does seem that you go get paid.


So I contacted my HR department with this information, so I’m waiting.


Does anybody know if I’m correct, or what happens, if I can’t get ssp 


I could really do without this, when I just want to rebuild my life



Hi and welcome to the forum.  It is so frustrating when you have this happen just when you are starting to get your life back and wanting to get back to some form of normality


I am sure that there will some of the ladies on here who will be able to advise you but the other place to try is MacMillan as I have heard other ladies who have had similar problems and they have contacted them and got really good advise.


Have you been paid sick pay whilst you were off?





I have just found the MacMillan number for you 0808 808 00 00 , not sure if they are open today but if not you could call them tomorrow and see what they can advise.



Hi Nik, that’s great that you’ve got it sorted out. I just want to check what working pattern you’ve agreed to when you go back? (I work in HR).

Macmillan are right that you get SSP if you have 4 consecutive days off, but this will still mean you have to work 3 days back to back a week. I did it during chemo - chemo day Friday, returned to work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for 12 weeks during taxol.

Hope it works for you. When do you go back?
Dawn x