Phesgo injection

Hi  is anyone else due to have this injection instead of herceptin and pertuzumab IV? I am so looking forward to not having the search for a vein and hours of treatment. I am due to have it in 2 weeks time, be good to hear others experience of it.


I qualify for this so will ask at my next treatment.

Might take a while for my hospital to get it. I’ve dodged a port so far but very much looking forward to not having to have one fitted.

Angel Eyes x

Im switched onto it next treatment for me this also leans bye bye piccline so excited

Had my first injection yesterday. All fine a bit of stinging and a swollen thigh and buttock :slightly_smiling_face: last night but otherwise fine. So so so much better than having it IV and the anxiety of finding a vein every three weeks.  Hope others also find it works for them

I’m due to have this on Saturday, 8/5/21 have been receiving my therapy by my pic.line not looking forward to it