Hi guys,thought i would let you know that the daily record are going to be doing a story on me and a photo shoot .It is to let younger women see that you are not alone ,i cant wait getting pampered for the day .I also have to do a shoot on monday for the local paper promoting peacocks store asthey are a sponser of cancer .I will take orders now for autographs ha ha ha ha dream on julie !!!.Sorry i just thought i would let you know as i am so passionate about raising money for this
Love joolsxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well done Jools, celebrity at last. Enjoy every minute and let us know.
How about we do a Calender for Christmas…not!


Fantastic when its out can we view the article online, would be great.

Enjoy all the pampering.


Thanks guys i will try and see if it is online what a laugh a minute.

Love jools xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Jools,

thats great, good on 'ya. I’d love to do something like that,