Physiotherapy/excerise after LD reconstruction.

Hi all, I had an LD recontruction 1 month ago. My PS doesnt seem to want me to start doing any exercise or physio yet.

I feel quite fit and am walking every day but my arm and shoulder movement is limited and my back seems to be tightening up and getting worse over time. I feel I should be doing something to help loosen it. I was going to Pilates classes before my diagnosis and had excellent mobility.

What experiences have others had with Physio? Should I start some exercises now or is it best to wait?

Newbie Mandy


I had mastectomy with immediate reconstruction 3 years ago. 1 month is a very short time, I remember I had problems with seroma for 6 weeks after so early days for you yet. Did the hospital give you a pamphlet with exercises to do, they should have done, you can do them immediately after.

If I can be of any help just ask.

Take care.


Hi Mandy

I too had an LD with implant. A year later it still twitches and is a bit mobile. My BCN suggested that this was because I carried on training the muscle and did not let it settle post surgery. I do not know whether this is scientifically proven. Apparently, says the BCN, those patients who let it “settle” and stick to the shoulder exercises and massage of the back scar often have less jumping and twitching.

Good luck

Jane x