Picc line fitting

having this done Tuesday absolutely terried . Been given Valium but do not know how many to take to calm me down. Took two for the onmentum biopsy but did not feel any different. Can anyone help. Thanks

Hi Val, I had a PICC line fitted and can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing. I was given a local anaesthetic and the procedure, carried out with the help of an ultrasound scan to help guide the wire, took only a couple of minutes. I then had a chest xray to make sure it was in the right place and was off home. Having it cleaned stung a little bit because they use alcohol but it’s no worse than putting antiseptic on a graze. 


Good luck, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Please contact me if you have any questions x

Thanks for that I am really nervous. Just had loads of biopsies on my onmentum (stomach) which was not pleasant to be told no results biopsies too small for lab to get anything from. Do not know what is going to happen next 8 weeks since I had mastectomy and getting no where. Seeing oncologist Thursday so hopefully with them wanting to put the picc line in my chemo may start soon.

Hi Val, I too was extremely anxious about having a picc line inserted. When the time came I felt so nervous! I can honestly say there really was no need to have got myself all worked up as it was just as Holly has said the procedure was started and before I knew it it was all done and I didn’t feel a thing. I had chemotherapy six years ago through a cannula and after getting half way through they often struggled to get a good vien, my arm became sore and it became a trial just to get a bit of blood. This time round with having a picc line it really has been less traumatic and not at all painful, I have had it in since June and the only time I have felt any discomfort has been a slight irritation caused with a particular dressing they used, this was rectified with a change to the type of dressing used and there have been no further problems. Far far better than all the anxiety that occurs when having a cannula instead. 

Thank you everyone it’s in now. The young man that did it was a trainee just my luck they let my husband sit in with me there was just one point where it hurt but it’s done. Hope to start chemo soon it’s been 8 weeks since masectomy and I want this over and done with had a hospital appointment of one sort or another everyday this week it takes over your life. Thanks for replying

Hi can you have Blood pressure done on picc line arm? Due to have one fitted today but just thought, I cannot use right arm as had lymph nodes removed, will this be a problem? Had a chest line last time ? Xx